CAMPO Members Plans & Publications

2013 Callaway County Sidewalk Assessment conducted by the Mid-MO Regional Planning Commission 
2010 Cole County Master Plan
2013 Cole County Sidewalk Assessment conducted by the Mid-MO Regional Planning Commission
City of Holts Summit Preliminary Long Range Transportation Plan
City of Holts Summit 2014 Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Transit Plan
City of Jefferson's Comprehensive Plan
City of Jefferson Sidewalk Plan 2010
City of Jefferson Bike Lanes Guide
Jefferson City Parks and Recreatio
n - 2007 Greenway Master Plan (Parks)
Transit Feasibility Study - Final Draft - JEFFTRAN

Jefferson City Transit Development Plan
Section 1 - Final Report  Final Report
Section 2 - Study Area Data Inventory  Study Area Data Inventory
Section 3 - Operating and Maintenance Facility Evaluation  OM Facility Evaluation
Section 4 - Bus Replacement  Bus Replacement
Section 5 - Transfer Center Report  Transfer Center Report
Section 6 - Service Alternatives  
  Service Alternatives Tech Memo
  Southwest Flex Route
Section 7 - Paratransit Evaluation  Paratransit Evaluation
Section 8 - Public Involvement
  Public comments - 03-09-06
  Public Involvement Summary - 03-09-06
  Public Meeting Summary - 06-14-05
  Public Meeting Summary - 09-20-06
Section 9 - Steering Committee Meeting Summaries
  Steering Committee Meeting Summary 5-10-05
  Steering Committee Meeting Summary 7-19-05
  Steering Committee Meeting Summary 8-30-05
  Steering Committee Meeting Summary 9-20-05
  Steering Committee Meeting Summary 12-19-05
  Summary of Prioritization Exercise
Section 10 - Financial Analysis  Financial Analysis Section
Section 11 - Implementation Plan  Implementation Plan
Section 12 - Marketing Plan  JEFFTRAN Marketing Plan