Current Projects

JEFFTRAN System-Wide Assessment is complete!
CAMPO and JEFFTRAN have contracted with the Lochmueller Group to conduct an assessment of the JEFFTRAN transit system. 
The system-wide assessment will evaluate existing JEFFTRAN routes, identify unmet transit needs, and propose service modifications to address those needs.  In March of 2017 several stakeholder meetings and a public meeting were held to gather input on local needs and demands concerning transit.  The project is expected to be completed in Fall 2017, with a full report and list of recommendations.  

The JEFFTRAN System-Wide Assessment was completed October 31st.  A Comprehensive Operations Analysis was conducted as part of the eight-month process.  Two reports, the Existing Conditions Report the Final Report with recommendations, are now available to view. 

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Capital Area Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan is approved!  
On October 19, 2016, the CAMPO Board of Directors approved the 
Capital Area Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan



CAMPO has completed work on the Regional Wayfinding Plan and the CAMPO Board of Directors has approved the plan. In addition to the initial stakeholder meeting, two public meetings were held to allow the public to decide the look of the signs as well as possible destinations and districts within the CAMPO region. You may find the final plan in CAMPO Plans and Publications.

Wayfinding Meeting
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