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Public Notice – Notice of Public Hearing
CAMPO 2018-2022 Transportation Improvement Program and
JEFFTRAN FY2018 Program of Projects
OATS, Inc. FY2018 Program of Projects

The Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) invites public comment on the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for the Jefferson City urbanized area, which includes the Program of Projects (POP) for JEFFTRAN, the public transit provider in Jefferson City and OATS, Inc., the public transportation system serving 87 counties in the State of Missouri. The TIP identifies transportation projects, studies and programs to be implemented using a combination of local, state, and federal funding or having regional significance for the Jefferson City area. The public comment period will conclude with a public hearing on May 17, 2017 at 12:15 p.m. in the Boone/Bancroft Room #200, JohnG.Christy Municipal Building, 320 East McCarty St., Jefferson City, Missouri. Written comments may be directed to CAMPO at the Department of Planning and Protective Services, Room 120, John G. Christy Municipal Building, 320 East McCarty Street, Jefferson City, Missouri 65101; fax 573-634-6457 or email This public notice and time established for public review and comments on the TIP satisfies the FTA Program of Projects requirements. If adopted, the 2018-2022 TIP, including the FY2018 JEFFTRAN and OATS Inc. Program of Projects, are scheduled for implementation beginning November 1, 2017. If no substantive changes are made in the 2018-2022 TIP or FY2018 JEFFTRAN or OATS Inc. Program of Projects this will be the final notice and the draft 2018-2022 TIP and FY2018JEFFTRAN and OATS Inc. Program of Projects will be the final program. Copies are available for inspection at the Missouri River Regional Library, County Clerk Offices in Cole and Callaway counties, City offices of St. Martins, Holts Summit, Lake Mykee, Taos, Wardsville and the City of Jefferson City Clerk offices; and on the CAMPO website at

The OATS Inc. Program of Projects includes Federal Transit Administration Section 5310 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities operating expenditures of $60,000 and $60,000 in private matching funds; and $4,900 in passenger fares for continuation of services for seniors and people with disabilities; and Federal Transit Administration Section 5339 Capital Funding of $40,000 and $10,000 in private matching funds, for vehicle purchases in FY2019.

The JEFFTRAN Program of Projects includes operating and capital projects partially funded by the Federal Transit Administration under Sections 5307 and 5310 of Title 49, United States Code. Total 2018 JEFFTRAN operating expenses of $2,254,366 are expected, with $752,656 provided by FTA Section 5307; $223,510 in local revenue from passenger fares, local organizations, and Medicaid; Missouri State operating grant of $7,725, and matching funds of $1,247,895 from City of Jefferson general fund. Total 2018 JEFFTRAN capital project funding expenses of $137,862 are expected, with $97,466 provided by FTA Section 5310, and matching funds of $40,396 from the City of Jefferson Capital Improvement Funds.

JEFFTRAN proposes $14,092,500 in illustrative capital projects, of which $8,334,000 is funded by FTA Section 5339 and matched with $5,758,500 City of Jefferson capital improvement sales tax funds. Planned capital projects include: emergency generator; bus replacements, including five 30’ buses and two paratransit vehicles; bicycle racks at passenger transfer facilities and selected bus stops; bus shelters; upgrade/replace electronic fare card system, and fare information system; improvements to the transit facility at 820 E. Miller; and six on-bus video surveillance systems.  Individuals should contact the ADA Coordinator at (573) 634-6570 to request accommodations or alternative formats as required under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Please allow three business days to process the request. Any questions regarding this notice should call (573) 634-6410.
Draft 2018-2022 Transportation Improvement Program
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The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is the document identifying transportation projects to be programmed and funded with FHWA and/or FTA funds for the metropolitan planning area over the next five years. 

2017-2021 Transportation Improvement Program - Amended April 19, 2017
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