Mayor Carrie Tergin

Mayor Carrie Tergin

The Mayor’s 2016 'New Year’s Resolutions

It’s only fitting that the mayor would write New Year’s Resolutions.

Thank you, 2015, you’ve been a great year!  In 2015 I hit the ground running as the New Mayor, bringing the first ever Lincoln University Student Representative to the City Council, Jonathan Jackson. 

In 2016 I resolve to continue to spearhead projects with amazing potential for our city, including:

Prison (MSP) Redevelopment

  • Exceed the 25,000 visitors we had in 2015 to MSP
  • Work with the State, County, CVB, Chamber and other partners to bring life to the MSP site

Civic Expo Center

  • Update what has been done in the past which focused on a conference/convention center and adapt to a more flexible civic/expo space which fits current needs and is more appealing to the community members and visitors alike.
  • Work with meeting planners/hoteliers and the State as the first step in the process

Riverfront Access

  • Work with the State on options for a bridge walkway to our beautiful riverfront
  • Continue to seek private donors to see the project to completion

Capitol Avenue

  • Find options to revitalize the many dilapidated buildings between the Capitol and MSP.
  • Use the fullest extent the law allows against the property owner who has allowed these properties to fall into complete disrepair and are not only an eyesore but a danger and a detriment to others who have invested in the area’s redevelopment.

I also hope to encourage community quality and wellness.  Those are my resolutions for the city, and on a personal note I resolve to be healthier and:

Go back to yoga class, which has suffered as I’ve spent more time in meetings than exercising!  Yoga keeps both my mind and body strong.

I realize that as mayor I am an example to others, so I will remind everyone to get their mammogram (as I did in October) and other health screenings.  I will also start taking my vitamins again daily and strive to eat healthier.  Let’s all stay strong!

And I am proud to be among the first mayors in Missouri to present a proclamation encouraging youth not to take drugs.

Watch for the Mayor’s Seat Belt Challenge in 2016, just because it’s a secondary law does not mean wearing a seatbelt should not be of primary importance!

And yes I’ll continue to cheer for the World Champion KC Royals, along with the Cardinals, and how about our home team, the Lincoln University Blue Tigers, I resolve to attend more LU sporting events!

Let’s continue to exceed our giving to the organizations that need it, I was glad to lend a hand at different collections, even if it meant kissing a turkey, or “Stipes” the Blue Tiger and the “Chick-Fil-A Cow” instead!

Resolve to welcome people to the “People’s Office” at city hall, that being mayor is not about me, it is about learning what the community wants for the future.  And in 2016 I resolve to move forward with the City Council and community input on a Community Vision. 

Listening to community input such as the responses received in the News Tribune’s “Readers respond with vision for Jefferson City” where citizens responded with:  “Provide vision, add/expand parks, look at job skills/work force, be move livable, continue greenways, riverfront, enhance, create, quality, move more quickly, highlight the positive, need visionary leadership, transition into a destination city, grow.”

And the suggestion for once-a-month “Pick Up Day” where everyone picks up one piece of trash from the city, Mrs. Rehma-Boulch let’s do it, and it will also help form the habit of keeping our community clean, what a great habit to share in 2016!

My final resolution is to work on my Blog,!  Like everything I mentioned above I will have to work on it, getting in the habit of blogging, sharing with the community what is going on in #JCMO! 

“Carrie On” in 2016!

Mayor Tergin's Background, Experience, and Community Involvement

  • St. Luke Orthodox Church Member
  • St. Luke Philoptochos Ladies Organization
  • Missouri State University Board of Governors
  • 4th Ward City Councilwoman 2008-2014 
  • Downtown Jefferson City President, 2004-2006
  • Downtown Jefferson City Board, 2000-2008
  • Recycling Committee Chairperson
  • Chamber of Commerce Board, 2006-2008
  • Jefferson City Convention & Visitor’s Bureau Board, 2007-2008
  • UMB Bank Advisory Board
  • Show Me Yoga Foundation Board, 2008-2010
  • Breakfast Rotary
  • Historic City of Jefferson
  • Cole County Partners for Clean Air
  • Alpha Chi Omega Mid-Missouri Alumnae Club Treasurer
  • Alpha Chi Omega Class Agent, Zeta Sigma Chapter
  • Honorary Member, International Society for Key Women Educators, Delta Kappa Gamma Society International 
  • 2004 “40 Under 40” Honoree
  • 2007 Jaycees Distinguished Service Award
  • 2016 Lincoln University Trailblazer Public Service Award
  • 2016 Outstanding Leadership in Tobacco Control Award