Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment hears and resolves requests for variances from the standard terms of the Zoning Code, applications for conditional use permits, and other exceptional issues or appeals.  The Board is made up of five members and three alternate members, who are appointed for five year terms by the City Council.  The Board's regular meeting time is at 7:30 AM on the second Tuesday morning of each month in the Council Chamber in City Hall.  These are public meetings and citizens are given an opportunity to briefly voice their support or opposition to issues being considered by the Board.

Meeting Information

2019 Meeting Dates and Filing Deadline Calendar

December 11, 2018 Board of Adjustment Meeting Packet
November 6, 2018 Board of Adjustment Meeting Packet

October 9, 2018 Board of Adjustment Meeting Cancellation Notice

September 11, 2018 Board of Adjustment Meeting Packet

August 14, 2018 Board of Adjustment Meeting Cancellation Notice
July 10, 2018 Board of Adjustment Meeting Cancellation Notice

June 12, 2018 Board of Adjustment Meeting Cancellation Notice
May 15, 2018 Board of Adjustment Meeting Packet

Pending Cases: December 11, 2018 at 7:30 am in the City Council Chambers 
Case No. B18007 - 2900 W Truman Blvd, Fence Height Variance.  Request filed by Unilever Manufacturing Inc for a 4 foot variance to the maximum height of a fence in the front setback area of 4 feet to permit an 8 foot tall fence at the front property line adjacent to Schumate Chapel Road (Section 35-59.F.3.a). The property is located on the northeast corner of Schumate Chapel Road and West Truman Blvd and is described as part of Section 34 Township 45 north Range 12 west and part of Section 3 Township 44 north Range 12 west, Jefferson City, Missouri ( Whiting- Turner, Consultant).
     Application and Site Plan 
     Staff Report

Previous Cases
Case No. B18006 -  3100 South Ten Mile Drive, Outdoor Storage Screening Variance. Request filed by Rhomberg Reality, property owner, for a variance to bufferyard and screening requirements at 3100 S Ten Mile Drive. The purpose of the request is to permit a variance to type B bufferyard screening requirements for outdoor storage.
     Application Materials 
     Site Plan 
     Staff Report

Case No. B18005 - 1936 Vieth Drive, Conditional Use Permit. Request Filed by the Simons and Komaromi families Et'al, property owners, on behalf of Public Water Supply District # 2, applicant, for a Conditional Use Permit for expansion of a water tower utility site to include a 3,200 sf single story utility building and storage yard.
     Application Materials
     Site Plan 
     Staff Report 

How to comment on an upcoming agenda item

Citizens may speak at the Board meetings or may submit written comments related to an issue on the Board's Agenda.  Written comments may be submitted by letter, e-mail, or FAX to the addresses shown below and must be received at the Planning Division before 12:00 PM on the day prior to the meeting to allow for copying and distribution to Board members.  Correspondence, exhibits or other material received at the meeting will be included in the official record.  You may bring your own copies of material to distribute to Board members and staff (suggest 15 copies).  Please use the specified case number shown in the agenda to reference your written comments to the issue under consideration.

Written comments may be directed to the Board of Adjustment through the Department of Planning and Protective Services, Planning Division or by mail to:
Fax: (573)634-6457
Mail: Department of Planning and Protective Services, Planning Division
         John G. Christy Municipal Building/City Hall
         320 E. McCarty Street, Room 120
         Jefferson City, MO  65101

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