Where's the bus?

Locate JEFFTRAN buses with up to the minute updates

fleetmatics screenshot

The FleetMatics software product maps where the buses are currently located.

The log in information is:


Username: jefftran
Password: bus

Once you log in you will see one tab that is entitled " Live Fleet " - click on this tab

These are the instructions for both PC and MAC.

You will then see a text box to your left where you can pick a single route or multiple routes. Once you have picked a route it will become bold and then you can hit the arrow on the screen and it will move the highlighted route to the right text box.

You do this for as many routes as you want to or simply click "all" and they will all be moved to the text box on the right. once you have selected the route(s) you wish to view you will then click the "run" option and you will be directed to another screen in which you can see your selected route(s) on the map.

This map will show you Traffic,Map,Hybrid and Terrain views. On the left hand side of the screen you will see a small camera icon next the route information, click on this icon and it will show the hyper-zoom view of your route. One left click of your mouse on the small bus and you will be shown the exact location of the bus, which is updated every 30 seconds.

You can compare this location with your map schedule and estimate how soon your bus will be to your stop if you desire. We have included, below, an individual route map for each route which can also be saved via PDF on your PC, Apple or Smart Phone.

Bus Locations on the Go!  

Download the free app from FleetMatics, log in using the same user name and password as above. You will then choose the live fleet tab and select the route bus you wish to view.You will then be shown a map of the location of the bus. Tap the bus once and you will be shown the approximate address of the bus which will be updated every 30 seconds. Once you have logged in using the FleetMatic App, your smart device should log in automatically without prompt.