Stormwater Utility Fee

The City Council is considering placing a stormwater utility fee measure on the August 2017 ballot.  Below are links to presentations and other information pertaining to the subject.  The presentations noted below contain current and needed funding levels for a stormwater utility, examples of projects that could be completed in the City if a stormwater utility were implemented, as well as rate structure information.  More presentations and information on the subject of stormwater utilities are expected to be uploaded to this link as time passes.  Please check back often for future updates.  If you need any other information on the subject or have questions about the material please feel free to contact Public Works, Stormwater Engineer Don Fontana at 634-6410.


October 2016 Stormwater Utility Discussion

December 2016 Stormwater Utility Discussion

January 2017 Stormwater Utility Discussion

2016 Stormwater Utility Survey – Black & Veatch

February 2017 Stormwater Utility Discussion