USS Jefferson City Submarine

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Shipyard Commander’s Welcome
Welcome USS JEFFERSON CITY (SSN-759)! Puget Sound Naval Shipyard is proud to be a part of the talented and experienced team that will repair and modernize the JEFFERSON CITY. USS JEFFERSON CITY is from the final flight of SSN-688 Class Submarines and features some of the latest submarine equipment developments available today, such as Retractable Bow Planes and the Vertical Launch System. Commander Richter, his Officers and Crew have brought their vessel to our Shipyard for a 13-month Depot Modernization Period (DMP). The total work package approaches 185,000 man-days and features several major ship modernization alterations that include Nuclear Instrumentation and Control Microprocessor upgrades, Reactor Coolant Pump replacements and a Reverse Osmosis Unit installation. Unique aspects of this large project include the Reverse Osmosis Unit ship alteration. It will replace the distilling units currently onboard. The Reverse Osmosis Unit converts seawater to fresh water with far less noise, fewer mechanical parts, more reliability and simpler operating procedures than the current distilling units. Commander Richter, I and the entire Shipyard look forward to working with you as together we complete the JEFFERSON CITY DMP and return her to the Pacific Fleet.

USS JEFFERSON CITY (SSN-759) FY03 Depot Modernization Period

Teaming Together - USS JEFFERSON CITY and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.

The USS JEFFERSON CITY will enter Dry Dock 4 as part of a 13-month Depot Modernization Period (DMP). The DMP will require about 185,000 man-days and cost approximately $140 million. Her arrival marks the end of a year-long planning effort and the beginning of a complex availability. The planning phase saw the JEFFERSON CITY and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard team together to develop a winning plan that incorporates the best maintenance practices, safety and lessons learned from previous DMPs. The ship and project team will build on this team foundation to accomplish a successful DMP.

USS JEFFERSON CITY is commanded by Commander Dean Richter. He is no stranger to the Pacific Northwest, having previously served in the area as Executive Officer of USS ALABAMA (SSBN 731). After a year of preparation, the ship is ready. "Our focus now is to continue JEFFERSON CITY’s longstanding tradition of excellence and strive alongside a highly talented Project Team and shipyard to successfully complete the DMP safely and on time," the CO added.

Commander Randy Corbell, the Project Superintendent, heads the Project Team. Assistant Project Superintendents are Brian Kutzke, Jerry Denney, Bert Alter and Rick Reams. Wayne Peterson and Bill Gray are assigned as the Chief Test Engineers and Herb Collier is the Project Engineering and Planning Manager. Commander Corbell sums up the team’s philosophy as an eagerness to start through the strong teamwork which has been built between the Ship and the Project team.