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Parks and Recreation Commission and Committees

It is the mission and responsibility of the City of Jefferson Parks & Recreation Commission and the staff of the Department  of Parks & Recreation to improve quality of life and place by promoting and providing opportunities for fun and enjoyment  for present and future generations in the Jefferson City area.

The Commission is charged with acquisition, management, preservation, and improvement of a quality system of parklands, open space and recreation facilities and the development and supervision of a broad program of quality educational and recreational activities for all ages.

Parks and Recreation Commission By-laws, Rules and Regulations 

Those interested in serving on the Parks and Recreation Commission can complete the volunteer profile application and return it either by fax (573) 634-6522 or by mail (City of Jefferson, Attn: Administration Department, 320 E McCarty St, Jefferson City, MO 65101) to get your name placed on the waiting list.

Along with Commission members, Parks and Recreation has several advisory committees. Those interested in volunteering on a committee can complete a Committee Membership Questionnaire. Committees include Long Range Planning*; Recreation Services; Park Resources; and Golf AdHoc.
*Long Range Planning and Park Resources Committees have been combined into the Park Resources Committee.

Commission meetings are typically scheduled the second Tuesday of every month. 

Commission and Committee Members (email)
Commission  Park Resources
& Planning
Recreation Services Golf Advisory 
Brad Bates – 

Stu Murphy - 
Andre Grinston -
Andre Grinston - 
Lindsey Rowden  – 
Vice President 
Bill Plank - 
Lindsey Rowden -
Chris Wilson - 
Denise Chapel Bob Weber Steve Buchholz Bill Plank
Andre Grinston Randy Allen Michael Couty Lindsey Rowden
Chris Leuckel Gene Bushmann Steve Duncan Leo Ahlers
Stu Murphy Jim Chilcutt Glenda Fry Bill Case
Bill Plank Nancy Duggins Vostal Greg Gaffke Nathan Cook
Bob Weber Mark Kaiser Gart Pollard Steve Duncan
  Marty Miller Julie Stotlemeyer  Scott Englund
  Charlie Palmer Rudy Veit Steve Garrison
  Cynthia Schnieders   Linda McAnany
  Karl Staub   Jacob Robinett
  Mary Telthorst   Mike Roling
  Kay Toft   Russell Rottmann
  Larry Vincent    Joanne Scheperle