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Counselor in Training Program


Counselor in Training Program Description

Counselor in Training Application Form

Program Description:

The Counselor in Training (CIT) program is an opportunity for area youth entering the seventh grade through High School learn leadership skills and have hands on experience working with a day camp program.  You will be able to cultivate your skills and knowledge in a day camp setting.  The CIT volunteer’s role will be to work directly with the children in the day camp program and help the paid staff (mostly college students and adults) by assisting with supervising the campers, setting up and implementing activities and games, helping with crafts, sports, supervising the After Camp Swim Program, and much more.

 The CIT program will be a fun experience but for different reasons than being a camper. It is about discovering what you are capable of and finding your inner leader. You will learn leadership skills, working with others, responsibility, communication and other skills which will begin preparing you for the possibility becoming paid staff at our camp program as well as the rest of your working career. Our CITs will be held to high expectations. You will be a role model to the children in the program as you fill a position of leadership in the camp.   As with any job, you are not guaranteed a position, and if your performance does not meet expectations, you may be dismissed from the program.

Participation Requirements:

Participation in the Counselor In Training program is open to any youth in Jefferson City and the surrounding area.  Youth must meet the age requirements and must register and be accepted into the program to participate.  Relatives of Parks and Recreation, Recreation Division staff are not permitted to participate.  Participants receive no financial compensation to volunteer in the program.  Transportation is not provided and participants are required to make their own transportation arrangements.  Tobacco, alcohol and any non-prescribed medication or drugs are prohibited for participants to use while on duty.  All rules for employees stated in the City of Jefferson’s Personnel Policy Manual and the Parks and Recreation’s Part Time Employee and Camp Staff Manuals are enforced. 

Age Requirements:

CIT volunteers entering seventh grade and up will help staff oversee campers from the first through the third grade at Binder Adventure Camp, Camp Wokka Wokka, Camp Greenberry and at Camp Out N About. CIT volunteers entering ninth grade and up will be helping staff oversee campers from the fourth through the seventh grade at Camp Eagle and Camp Out N About.

Scheduling Requirements:

CITs sign up for one-week sessions.  You are expected to volunteer a minimum of two one-week session and can volunteer as many as six one-week sessions.  You may request placement at certain camps provided you meet the age requirements and there are sufficient openings for you.  We cannot guarantee that you will get the camp placement that you wish; however, you will be able to volunteer the weeks you choose, except for the week of the Independence Day holiday.

Registration Requirements:

To be considered for the CIT Program, you must submit a complete program registration form and the $180 registration fee in person at the Parks and Recreation office, 427 Monroe St, in Jefferson City.  You will also need to complete and submit the attached Counselor in Training Application Form and required written references.  Registration must be made in person or by mail and cannot be completed on line or by phone.

Along with the application and reference letters, we will be conducting interviews with each prospective CIT throughout the month of April.  This application and interview process will give you invaluable training and experience for future employment.  If you are not chosen to participate, a full refund of the registration fee will be made.

 The application period begins on February 1 and closes on March 31.  Everyone who applies will be interviewed by the end of April and will either be offered a position or not no later than the beginning of May. 

Training Requirements:

All CIT Participants are expected to complete all training prior to the start of camp to be assigned a position.  Failure to complete training will result in dismissal without refund.

There will be two portions to the training program.  The first portion is the computerized, on-line video instruction program.  Participants will be assigned certain topics and videos to watch and then must pass tests relating to those topics.  Those trainings can be started upon acceptance and must be finalized no later than May 14, 2017.  The second portion will be staff training that will take place May 23-26, 2017.  Attendance at these group trainings are CRITICAL and if you are not available on those dates, please do not register for the program.

Work Requirements:

Camps will meet on the dates listed below and you will choose at least two and at most six sessions to work.  Camp hours vary depending upon the camp and if you will supervise the bus or the swimming activity after camp.  Camp hours begin no earlier than 7:30 am and go no later than 5:30 pm.  Please check camp program information for exact hours of each individual camp. 

Safety is our primary concern. We expect participants to be extremely safety conscious both for physical and emotional well-being of campers and co-workers.  Participants must display a positive attitude and the ability to work independently as well as a team member.  Self-motivation, self-control and self-learning are a must.  Problem solving skills and dealing with a diverse population of children is critical.  You will be required to assist in planning and executing activities.  Your attendance and punctuality is of utmost importance as your way of fulfilling your obligation to the commitment you make to be in the program. You are required to work all the days and hours you agree to.  Absenteeism is only permitted under the most extreme circumstances.  Working outside in a camp program can be hot and physically taxing, and you will need to be able to work in all kinds of weather. You are expected to participate in all aspects of camp as well as supervising on the bus and the swim programs.

While we have the highest expectation for participants in the CIT Program, you will be taught the skills necessary to perform up to the expectations.  You will be mentored and assisted throughout the program to help you be the best you can be!  Our goal is to foster a successful experience in our Counselor in Training participants.

We welcome you to our Counselor in Training Program and look forward to working with you during the summer.  If you have any problems or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the Parks & Recreation office.  I can be reached by email at or by phone at (573) 634-6482.

Mike Bollinger, Pogram Supervisor