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NFL FLAG Football 2018

nfl flag football

League Sponsor:  TBA


Early Bird: June 11 - 27, 2018
Regular: June 28 - July 11, 2018

Games begin the week of August 26.

NFL FLAG Football is for boys and girls in grades 1-6.

This is a non-contact league which will play eight games beginning late August. The games will consist of two, 20 minute halves and a five-on-five format.

NFL registration fee includes your child’s NFL jersey and flag belt ($25 value).

Recreation Leagues (B level): Registrations are limited and will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis until the league is filled. Teams will be formed by school as long as the appropriate information is listed on the registration form. The maximum number of participants on a team is 10. Buddy Request: If you want to ensure that your child is on the same team as his friend or sibling please make sure the two kids "buddy" each other on their registration forms. The buddy request will only be honored if both parties "buddy" each other.

Modified Recreation League (A level): This is a slightly competitive league for advanced players. Equal playing time and position rotation will not be guaranteed. Team registration will not be taken. Everyone must register individually. Coaches will submit a roster of players to the Program staff once they have been approved as a coach. Participants will need to write the coach's name on the designated line on the registration form. Coach requests will not be honored unless they are listed on the roster. If you are an individual looking for a team, we will take a list and see if we can place them on a team – no guarantees can be made.

If you are interested in coaching your child’s team, please contact Parks and Recreation at (573) 634-6482 by June 11, 2018. 

IMPORTANT! Please complete the NFL on-line registration form as required by NFL. You MUST complete this step in order to receive your jersey and flag belt.  

Click linked Activity # corresponding to your child's recreation league to register online. If your child is on a modified team, you will not be able to register online.

Activity #  League Day/Night** Games Early Bird Fee
(June 11-27)
Regular Fee
(June 28- July 11)
701061 - school code* 1st Grade Rec Flag Football (B) Tues 8 $70 $80
701062 - school code*  2nd Grade Rec Flag Football (B) Mon $70 $80
701063 - school code*  3rd Grade Rec Flag Football (B) Thurs $70 $80
701064 - school code* 4th Grade Rec Flag Football (B) Wed  $70 $80
701065 - coach 3rd Grade Mod Flag Football (A) Sun  $70 $80
701066 - coach 4th Grade Mod Flag Football (A) Sun  $70 $80
701067 - school code* 5-6th Grade Flag Football (B) Wed $70 $80

* When registering your child, please list the school code as the activity number code. (ie. if you are registering for 4th grade football and your child attends Belair Elementary the activity number would be 701064-BE)

**OVERFLOW GAMES: if we have too many teams for the evening offered, all overflow games will be on Friday evenings,  Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons.