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Camping Excursions 

Check out our new Outdoor Recreation program! Have you ever wanted to go camping but you don't know where to start? Our Camping Excursion is a perfect place to start! For more information or reserve your day and time, please contact program manager Alexis Kerman at or call her at 573-634-6593.

Where: Binder Park
When: an agreed upon time between your group and the Program Manager for Outdoor Recreation
Time: 3:00 p.m. the first day until 10:00 a.m. the next morning

JC Parks will provide all of the camping gear, dinner the first night and breakfast the next morning. Equipment and supplies provided by the department includes sleeping bag, 2-person/4-person Eureka tent, sleeping pad, flash light, firewood, fire, eating utensils and more! A camping guide or 2 will be with you throughout your entire excursion to ensure the safety of each participant!

We can teach you a variety of different skills from fire building, using a camp stove, setting up a tent and best practices, what to pack and other important skills you may need to know when going camping, backpacking or hiking. Our staff has the ability to cater the camping and excursion experience to you and your groups' desires and needs. 

If you want to continue camping after your excursion with JC Parks we will be happy to help guide you to where you can find the best equipment for your camping needs!

Cost depends on how small or large your group is. A smaller group will be more per person and a group up to 15 will be less per person. Please contact Alexis Kerman for more pricing information.


*In order to follow CDC and Cole County Health Department guidelines, we will only allow groups of 2 - 8 people book an excursion for the month of May and they must be family members if you are sharing the same tent. Recreating outdoors in open spaces allows for ample social distancing while still achieving outdoor recreation Binder Camping Excursion goals. Please continue to check this web page for updates regarding this program.*