Shelter Information

Jefferson City Animal Shelter

Jefferson City Animal Shelter
2308 Hyde Park Road
Jefferson City, Mo 65109
(573) 634-6429
(573) 659-8209 Fax


 - Monday - Friday: 12:00pm - 5:30 pm 
 - Saturday & Sunday: Closed
(Redemptions by appointment only)


The Animal Shelter is closed on the following holidays:
New Year's Day
Martin Luther King's Birthday
Harry Truman's Birthday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Veteran's Day
Thanksgiving Day
The Friday after Thanksgiving Day 
Christmas Day
and whenever City offices are closed.

If you are looking for your lost pet, have found an animal, or need assistance, staff is available at 8 am every day.
Need to drop off an animal? Please contact the shelter to make arrangements. 
If you have lost or found a pet contact the shelter immediately.

Capt.  Deric Heislen, Support Services Commander
Matt Barry, Shelter Manager
Dr. Schaller, Veterinarian 
Shelter Policies

Animals that enter the Jefferson City Animal Shelter as strays are held for either 5 days (no identification on intake) or 10 business days (identification such as a microchip, rabies tag or ID tag present on intake). After such holding periods, the animal(s) become property of the Jefferson City Animal Shelter if the owner does not come forth looking for it. If identification is present on intake, contact with the owner is attempted. If contact by phone is not productive, and an address is known, the door will be posted in attempts to reunite the pet.

It is the duty of an owner, as the responsible party for an animal, to contact the shelter when their animal(s) is missing. The shelter does not advertise animals being held as strays.

The Jefferson City Animal Shelter serves Cole County only. While interested parties from any location may adopt an animal, we cannot take stray or owner release animals from outside of our service area.

All owners who redeem their animal(s) from the shelter will incur the following fees:

1) Impoundment Fee
- Intact (not spayed or neutered): $20 per day
- Altered (spayed or neutered): $10 per day 
* All partial days will be charged as a full day of boarding

2) Rabies Vaccination
If an animal is not current on their vaccine, a $25 fee is applied and a $20 rabies vaccination voucher is given to the owner to use towards the cost at a participating Veterinarians office. Proof of rabies vaccination is required. Jefferson City law requires all dogs, cats and ferrets to have a current 1-year rabies vaccination.

3) Bite Quarantine Fee
Unvaccinated animals must serve a 10 day quarantine from the date the bite occurred under the care of a practicing licensed veterinarian under 5-47 of the City Ordinance:
-- Shelter Veterinarian: $20 per day that quarantined at the Shelter, regardless if spayed or neutered.
-- The animals owner can opt to have the 10 day quarantine served at a local veterinary clinic instead of the Jefferson City Animal Shelter. The pet owner is responsible for any fees charged by the local clinic. 

* In the event the animal is vaccinated for rabies, the animal will be confined for a period of ten days at home, unless deemed vicious under 5-19-E of the City Ordinance. 

4) Veterinary Services
Fees charged at the discretion of the Director. If a dog or cat has gone through its stray hold, and is now the property of the Jefferson City Animal Shelter, Veterinary Services will be performed. It is the responsibility of the owner to compensate the shelter for those services if they want to redeem their animal. Services may include, but are not limited to, Veterinary examination, spay/neuter surgery, heartworm test, FeLV/FIV test, dental work, microchip, fecal floatation, intestinal parasite treatment and vaccinations.

Fees for medical procedures performed at the Jefferson City Animal Shelter by a non City Veterinarian

Fees charged to the City for specified services performed by a  non-staff  veterinarian on City owned animals in the event the City Veterinarian is not available:
--- Dog Spay: $82.85
--- Dog Neuter: $76.95
--- Cat Spay: $72.45
--- Cat Neuter: $47.82
--- Euthanasia: $25.00
--- Exams, Treatment, & Paperwork: $40.00 hour

*Fees for medical procedures performed at a private veterinarian clinic on behalf of the City
Fees charged to the City for specified services performed by a  non-staff veterinarian on City owned animals in the event the City Veterinarian is not available:
--- Spay Dog: $127.05
--- Spay Dog In Heat: $147.05
--- Spay Dog Pregnant: $152.05
--- Neuter Dog: $116.59
--- Cryptorchid Dog: Price of Service 

--- Spay Cat: $109.91
--- Spay Cat In Heat: $124.91
--- Spay Cat Pregnant: $129.91
--- Neuter Cat: $72.46
--- Cryptorchid Cat: Price of Service 

The Jefferson City Animal Shelter also provides cremation services to contracted vet clinics within Cole County.
Cremation Cost
Fees charged by the City to the local veterinarian clinics for performing cremation services:
1-40 lbs: $50
41-80 lbs: $55
81-110 lbs: $65
111-140 lbs: $75
Over 140 lbs: $90
Communal: $5 per animal

Cost of Temporary Urn:
Less than 50 lbs: $4
More than 50 lbs: $6