2015 Building Codes Adopted on August 22, 2017

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       All adopted code books are available for public viewing at the City Clerk's office in City Hall.  THE CODES WERE EFFECTIVE AS OF OCTOBER 21, 2017.

2015 Code Review -
The City of Jefferson Council passed a resolution (RS 2015-09) in December 2015 to create an “Ad Hoc Steering Committee” to review building codes and propose updates.  The committee first met February 25, 2016.  The members are:

                                   Kyle Kittrell – Chair                       Jim Wisch                        Dan Klindt       
                                   Randy Allen – Vice Chair              Paulette Kreter                Jim Crabtree       
                                   Larry Brandhorst                           Larry Kolb                        Jim Dove 
                                                        Status Report to City Council on May 15, 2017

NOTE:The Plumbing and Electrical Codes are reviewed and recommended by those contractor licensing boards.  The versions that are approved by the City Council for those codes are:  IPC        NEC
The Steering Committee will accept those licensing boards recommendations on their respective codes.

To see the progress of the committee and technical subcommittees, the meeting minutes and agendas are on-line under "Citizen Boards, Commissions and Committees" under AD HOC STEERING COMMITTEE ON BUILDING CONSTRUCTION CODES. The five (5) technical sub-committees that were formed to help review the various 2015 ICC codes are listed below with their members:
Building and Energy Conservation Codes -This committee’s purpose is to review the 2015 International Building and Energy Conservation Codes. The approved City Council version is:                      IBC & IRC
                                           Larry Brandhorst – Chair                Emad Faddoul              Andy Bonderer         Corey Falter
                                  Randy Allen – Vice Chair               Greg Bowman               Carrie Brixey

Existing Building Code - This committee’s purpose is to review the 2015 International Existing Building Code.  The approved City Council version is:                                                                                        IEBC   
                                  Jim Wisch – Chair                           Gary Wisch                     Brian Connell
                                  Larry Kolb – Vice Chair                   Brad Schaefer                Wes Doerhoff 
                                  Gary Oberkrom                               Leslie Backstrom            Tracie Siebeneck

Fuel Gas, Energy Conservation, and Mechanical Codes - This committee’s purpose is to review the 2015 International Mechanical, Fuel Gas and Energy Conservation Code.  The approved City Council version is: IMC and IFGC 
                                 Jim Dove– Chair                              Ken Sandbothe             Rodney Schulte 
                                 Bill Luebbert– Vice Chair                 Shawn Rackers

Residential and Energy Conservation Codes - This committee’s purpose is to review the 2015 International Residential and Energy Conservation Codes.  The approved City Council versions are: IBC and IRC   ISPSC 
                                 Dan Klindt– Chair                           Bob Scruggs                Jude Markway         Dan Roling
                                 Paulette Kreter– Vice Chair            Dean Holtmeyer          Lynn Gastineau
Fire and Property Maintenance - This committee’s purpose is to review the 2015 International Fire and Property Maintenance Codes.   The approved City Council versions are:                                   IFC         IPMC 
                                 Jim Crabtree– Chair                        Eric West                    Matt Rimiller          
                                 Larry Kolb– Vice Chair                    Jim Korsmeyer