Non-Residential (Commercial) Construction

Please complete and return the necessary forms and plans to the Building Regulations Division within the Department of Planning & Protective Services.  In general, the following materials are required for plan reviews and/or obtaining a building permit for new commercial construction.  
1.  Building Permit Application (front page only for plan reviews)
2.  Site plan(s)
3.  Building plans as required. (3 sets and a PDF file of the plans)
4.  Geotechnical report
5.  List of inspections per IBC Chapter 17.

  • The site plan will be reviewed and approved by Zoning, Fire Department, Building, and Public Works staff.  It will then be issued with the building permit plans for the project. 
  • Three (3) sets of building plans and a PDF file of the plans are to be submitted as part of the permit application process.  One set will be for our file, one set will be for the Fire Department, and the remaining set will be issued as the site set.  The PDF file will be used for permit tracking system.
  • Building Permits will be null and void if construction does not begin within (6) six months of the date they are issued.
  • A Building Permit conveys no right to occupy any street, alley or sidewalk or any part thereof, either temporarily or permanently. Encroachment on Public Property that is not specifically permitted under the Building Code must be approved by the jurisdiction. The issuance of a building permit does not release the applicant from the conditions of any applicable subdivision restrictions.
  • The disposal of demolition waste is regulated by the Department of Natural Resources under chapter 260 RSMo. Such waste in types and quantities established by the department shall be taken to a demolition landfill for disposal.

Job-Site Visits
On-site inspections by City Inspectors are required to make certain the work conforms to the permit, local codes and plans. The Building Division will work with you as to how many inspections may be needed for your project.  Please call 573-634-6410 to arrange for site inspections.

When construction is complete and code compliance is determined, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued for the project.