New Residential Construction

The following minimum documents/drawings are required for obtaining a building permit for new residential construction.

1.  Building Permit Application – completed and signed by the owner or general contractor.
2.  Site Plan – showing how the house is arranged on the lot, with additional details described below.
3.  Floor Plans – showing all floors of the house, windows, walls, and doors.
4.  Elevations – showing all four sides of the house, grade lines, foundations, and roof line.
5.  Structural Details – Provide details as required for unusual structural elements including sealed engineering drawings (e.g. concrete suspended decks or slabs). Ideally, provide a section of the house showing: footings; exterior walls; spans with wood species; and other framing elements.

The minimum requirements for a site plan are the following:
1. House footprint
2. Setbacks – as measured from the property lines to the side of the house and any other structures.
3. Driveways – including the connection with the curb in front of the lot.
4. Patios, decks, garages, swimming pools, etc.
5. Utility service lines, utility boxes, and easements.
6. Drainage directions and any storm water control features (downspouts, ditches, pipes, etc.)
7. Location and width of sidewalks to be built.

                                                                     Site Plan Example

Basic site information is available at MidMOGIS.  This web site is capable to tell you what zoning district you are in, which affects building setbacks (see page 100 for Table 35-51A of Chapter 35 of City Code).  The site also contains storm water, sewer, topography, plats, fire, and other available site data.. If you are not familiar with this site, please call and we can discuss how site data can be retrieved.

After the Building Permit Application and drawings are completed, please submit them to the Building Regulations Division.

Job-Site Visits On-site inspections by City Inspectors are required to make certain the work conforms to the permit, local codes and plans. The Building Division will work with you as to how many inspections may be needed for your project.  Please call 573-634-6410 to arrange for site inspections.

When construction is complete and code compliance is determined, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued for the project.