Council Committees

Jefferson City Council members serve on six "Standing Council Committees," each concerned with various areas of City government. Committees meet regularly to discuss and prepare proposed laws, consider related contracts and projects, etc. Learn more about each committee and its current membership, agendas and minutes of meetings, and duties provided in the City Code, see the drop-down menu below.

The six "Standing Committees" of the Council are:

  1. Administration - five members
  2. Annexation - all ten members
  3. Budget - all ten members
  4. Finance - five members
  5. Public Safety five members
  6. Public Works & Planning five members
Links to agendas, minutes, and other records pertaining to each Committee are listed below.

* (photos are courtesy of Deborah Kote, Julie Smith, and Kris Wilson, Jefferson City News Tribune), used by permission

Administration Committee

Annexation Committee

Budget Committee

Finance Committee

Public Safety Committee

Public Works and Planning Committee