Food Code

City of Jefferson Food Code

The Jefferson City, Missouri 2017 Food Code is based on the Missouri Food Code for the Food Establishments of the State of Missouri published in 2013.

 To review the City of Jefferson, Missouri 2017 Food Code, click on the link below.

City of Jefferson, Missouri 2017 Food Code

Please review Chapter 28 of the City of Jefferson Municipal Code to determine a food establishments annual inspection fee. Inspection fees are based on a public health priority assessment work sheet.  Below you will find links to these documents.

*Please note as of July 1, 2018, food establishment inspection fee's have increased and are listed in Appendix Y Schedule of Fees under the City Clerk City Code web page.

Jefferson City Municipal Code Chapter 28

Public Health Priority Assessment Worksheet

The most significant changes from the previous food code to the City of Jefferson, Missouri 2017 Food Code are listed below:

Significant changes from previous food code to new food code

Questions may be submitted to or by calling the Department of Planning and Protective Services Environmental Health Division at 573-634-6410.