Metropolitan Transportation Plan

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The MTP is a federally required long-range plan, updated every 5 years, that assesses regional transportation needs over a twenty-year planning horizon.  The MTP sets goals and defines policies, programs, strategies, and projects to meet the transportation needs of the CAMPO region.  horizon.  Last updated in 2019, the plan considers several local and regional topics including transportation system development, land use, employment, economic development, human and natural environment, and housing and community development.  The planning process is expected to be completed by Summer 2024.

The MTP is central to the MPO planning process and defines policies, programs, projects to meet regional needs for all transportation modes, including:

  • Surface Transportation (roads and bridges)
  • Pedestrian and Non-Motorized
  • Transit
  • Air
  • Waterways & Ports
  • Freight
  • Rail

CAMPO 2045 & Beyond Metropolitan Transportation Plan
(Adopted May 15, 2024)
Full plan (including only Appendices A, B, C, and D) - 228 pages (30 MB)

Plan Sections 

Section 1:  Introduction & Federal Compliance ( includes Cover, Table of Contents, and Executive Summary)
Section 2:  Planning Factors
Section 3:  Visioning & Plan Development
Section 4:  Regional Overview
Section 5:  The Transportation System
Section 6:  The Financial Plan & Implementation  (includes Illustrative List of Projects)


Appendix A MTP Planning Requirements - §450.324 CFR
Appendix B Amendments & Modifications 

Appendix C System Performance Report 
Appendix D Surveys and Public Comments 
Appendix E Transportation Improvement Program
Appendix F 2024 Capital Area Active Transportation Plan

Appendix G 2020 Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan
Appendix H Travel Demand Model Report
Appendix I 2015 CAMPO Regional Wayfinding Plan

Press Release:  Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) Kicks Off Development of CAMPO 2045 & Beyond Metropolitan Transportation Plan.

Per federal regulation, the MTP addresses the following ten planning factors:

  1. Economic Vitality
  2. Safety
  3. Security
  4. Accessibility and Mobility
  5. Environmental Protection and Quality of Life
  6. System Integration and Connectivity
  7. System Management and Operation
  8. System Preservation
  9. Resiliency and Reliability
  10. Travel and Tourism

The MTP utilized an in-depth Scenario Planning process that analyzed how transportation, land use, resources, demographics, and other factors may affect connectivity, mobility, and resiliency throughout the region.  A preferred scenario was chosen and then used in the development of a Travel Demand Model (TDM).  The TDM took the preferred land use scenario and analyzed the impacts of development on the transportation system, highlighting points of congestion, capacity, and increased demands on the road network. CAMPO staff then worked with the general public and stakeholders to develop a list of illustrative projects, combining public comments and the TDM outputs.

The 2023-2024 planning process  used the preferred scenario and TDM from the 2019 planning process.  This data, along with outreach to member jurisdictions, stakeholders, and the general public was used in the 2023-2024 update of the MTP.  The planning process concluded in Summer May 2024.