Metropolitan Transportation Plan

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CAMPO 2045 & Beyond Metropolitan Transportation Plan

Full plan (including only Appendices A, B, C) - 140 pages

Plan Sections 
Cover, Table of Contents, and Executive Summary
Section 1:  Introduction & Federal Compliance
Section 2:  Planning Factors
Section 3:  Visioning & Plan Development
Section 4:  Regional Overview
Section 5:  The Transportation System
Section 6:  The Financial Plan & Implementation        includes Illustrative Projects Lists


Appendix A MTP Planning Requirements - §450.324 CFR
Appendix B Amendments & Modifications
Appendix C System Performance Report
Appendix D Surveys and Public Comments
Appendix E Transportation Improvement Program
Appendix F 2016 Capital Area Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan
Appendix G 2020 Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan
Appendix H Travel Demand Model Report
Appendix I 2015 CAMPO Regional Wayfinding Plan
Appendix J Major Thoroughfare Plan