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2023 Capital Area Active Transportation Plan - Adopted 01.17.2024

What is Active Transportation?                              

Active transportation is human-powered mobility, including:
  • Walking 
  • Biking
  • Wheelchair use
  • Skating and Scootering

CAMPO considers impacts on these Active Transportation modes as part of our planning processes and activities.  Active Transportation plays an integral role in many people's daily lives, contributes to a reduction in fuel emissions, and improves quality of life.

Capital Area Active Transportation Plan
The Capital Area Active Transportation Plan is a guide and resource to improve safety, connectivity, access, and mobility for pedestrians, bicycle users, and other Active Transportation users in the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) planning area CAMPO staff worked with consultants Crafton Tull and LaneShift to produce the current plan. Funding for this project was provided via the CAMPO Consolidated Planning Grant (80%) and local match provided by JC Parks (20%). 

The Plan incorporates and replaces these previous bike/ped plans:
Capital Area Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan (2016)
Holts Summit Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Transit Plan (2014)
Jefferson City Sidewalk Plan (2010)
Jefferson City Greenway Master Plan (2007)

The Capital Area Active Transportation Plan covers all CAMPO communities and generally includes the following:

  • Analysis of previous and recent plans and current conditions.
  • Goals and strategies aimed at addressing user preferences, factors affecting route choices, walking and bicycling behaviors,
  • Categorization and prioritization of infrastructure improvements based on public and stakeholder feedback
  • Recommendations for new policies, processes, and programs


In December 2022 Crafton Tull and CAMPO staff hosted three walk-audits in the Old Munichburg neighborhood of Jefferson City.  The walk-audits consisted of a slow guided walk along, Madison, Dunklin, and Jefferson Streets. Community members, stakeholders, and staff discussed existing and future infrastructure related to pedestrian and bicycle facilities.  Click here to watch the orientation video led by Dave Roberts from Craft Tull.


February 20, 2024 Jefferson City Council Meeting Presentation

May 2023  Meeting Materials
Steering Committee #3 Presentation PDF
Updated project page with interactive web maps

December 2022 Public Meeting Material
Workshop 2 presentation and prioritization survey results PDF

September 2022 Public Meeting Materials
Background Data Poster
Frequently Asked Questions Poster
Facility Types Poster
CAMPO Infrastructure Analysis Poster

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