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CAMPO Technical Committee - August 4 Meeting 10:00 a.m. 
Boone/Bancroft Room (Room #200 Main Entrance)
John G. Christy Municipal Building
320 E. McCarty St, Jefferson City, MO 65101
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CAMPO Board of Directors - August 17 Meeting Packet
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Public Notice - Notice of Public Comment 08/08/2022

An amendment to the 2023-2027 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is available for public comment.  The public comment period will conclude at a meeting of the CAMPO Board of Directors on August 8, 2022  at 12:00 p.m. in Room # 200, John G. Christy Municipal Building, 320 E. McCarty Street, Jefferson City, MO 65101.  Click the link below to access the draft document:

Amendment #1 of the 2023-2027 Transportation Improvement Program

Amendment #1 includes changes to the following two projects:

  1.  2020-16 MoDOT : Updating Pedestrian Facilities

Description & Location: Upgrade pedestrian facilities to comply with the ADA Transition Plan in Jefferson City, Taos, Wardsville, and Frankenstein.
Total Programmed Funds:  $1,584,000 ($1,267,200 - Federal Highway Funds, $316,00 MoDOT Funds)
State Program Years: 2023-2025 (Anticipated completion in 2025)

  1.   2023-27 JEFFTRAN : Operating Assistance

Description & Location: Operating Assistance for JEFFTRAN service within city limits for Jefferson City (A 3% annual inflation factor applied.) PY2023 includes ARP and CARES funding, which will be exhausted by PY2024
Total Programmed Funds:  $17,604,521 ($7,827,355 in Federal Transit 5307 funds, $6,646,648 in City of Jefferson funds, $273,570 in State Operating Assistance, and $2,856,948 Passenger Fares)
State Program Years: 2023-2027 and beyond (This is an ongoing project).

Written comments may be directed to CAMPO at the Department of Planning and Protective Services, Room 120, John G. Christy Municipal Building, 320 East McCarty Street, Jefferson City, Missouri 65101; fax 573-634-6457 or email 

Individuals should contact the ADA Coordinator at (573) 634-6570 to request accommodations or alternative formats as required under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please allow three business days to process the request. Any questions regarding this notice should call (573) 634-6410