Public Participation

Public Participation Plan
The CAMPO public participation and involvement process is designed to give the public ample opportunities for early and continuing participation in critical transportation projects, plans and decisions and to provide full access to key decisions. 

The Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization encourages the involvement of interested groups and the general public during the development and modification of transportation plans.  All meetings of the CAMPO Technical Committee and Board of Directors are open to the public.  CAMPO’s current Public Participation Plan outlines the public notice, comment procedures and the process used to support citizen participation during the development of transportation plans. 

Public Participation Plan 2023 (The Public Participation Plan is a component of the CAMPO Title VI Plan)

The Department of Transportation has recently released Every Place Counts: Leadership Academy to provide community members and other stakeholders who have never participated in a transportation decision-making process before and are not subject matter experts with the background information and some tools to engage in the transportation decision-making process.

Transportation Toolkit

This Toolkit is a plain language explanation of the transportation decision-making process for educational and informational purposes.

By digging into the Toolkit, you are well on your way to making a positive difference in the transportation system you use every day --whether you're traveling by foot, bike, bus, train, car, or plane.

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 Public Participation