How Do I File for an Order of Protection?

If you are the victim of domestic violence, call (573) 634-6400 or 9-1-1 for an emergency response.

Domestic violence and adult abuse are crimes.  Any person who hits, chokes, kicks, threatens, harasses, coerces, or places you in fear of harm, either with or without a weapon, has broken the law.  Criminal charges may be filed against your abuser.

To file for an emergency order of protection, you must contact the Cole County Circuit Clerk, located at the Cole County Courthouse.  After business hours, contact the Cole County Sheriff's Department.

If you are applying for an order of protection, please have as much information about the abuser as possible, to include name, age, physical description, place of employment and/or residence, as well as any photographs or other information that would be of assistance.

During business hours, you may also call the Victims' Advocate at the Cole County Prosecuting Attorney's office at (573) 634-9180.