Applications Forms and Fees

Filing Deadline Calendars
2023 Planning and Zoning Commission
2023 Board of Adjustment

Board of Adjustment Forms & Applications
Application to the Board of Adjustment
     Addendum A - Density and Dimensional Variance
     Addendum B - Height Variance
     Addendum C - Fence Height Variance
     Addendum D - Parking Variance
     Addendum E - Location of Parking Variance
     Addendum F - All Other Zoning Code Variance Requests
     Addendum G - Conditional Use Permit
     Addendum H - Telecommunication Facility Conditional Use Permit
     Addendum I - Signage Variance
     Addendum J - Signage Conditional Use Permit
     Addendum K - Administrative Appeal
     Addendum L - Variance to Floodplain Regulations

Planning and Zoning Forms & Applications
Applicant and Project Information Form
Application for Zoning Ordinance Amendment (Rezoning)
Application for Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan
Application for Planned Unit Development (PUD)
Application for Minor Amendment to Planned Unit Development (PUD)
Application for Special Exception Use
Application for  Special Exception Use (Cluster Development)
Application for Subdivision Plat
Application for Voluntary Annexation
Request for Zoning Designation (Voluntary Annexation)
Zoning Protest Petition
Application for Planning Clearance (no fee)

Other Planning Forms or Applications
Application for Mural Permit
Application for Telecommunication Facility Permit
Application for Small Wireless Facility Right-of-Way Permit
Petition for Street Name Change/Private Street Name Assignment
Request for Zoning Compliance/Rebuild Letter
Parcel Division/Lot Split Instructions
Sidewalk Deferral Application