Activate Jefferson City 2040

Activate Jefferson City 2040
 is the comprehensive plan for the City of Jefferson.  The Plan considers current conditions and community priorities to create a guide for future development, activity, and preservation.  The Plan provides planning recommendations on a wide variety of topics developed after extensive research and public involvement.  The Plan is organized into the following six themes and goals: 

Housing and Neighborhoods: An equitable housing environment benefits all Jefferson City residents across different incomes and lifestyles.
  • Enhance Jefferson City’s housing environment, catering to the diverse needs of its residents.
  • Promote neighborhood stabilization through the rehabilitation and maintenance of residential properties.
  • Encourage proactive neighborhood health throughout Jefferson City
Economic Development: Productive economic activity is an elixir for improving quality of life. 
  • Enhance Jefferson City’s workforce opportunities.
  • Stimulate economic growth through the pursuit of local and regional projects.
  • Prioritize creative placemaking and unique investment opportunities in Jefferson City’s city center.
  • Grow Jefferson City’s economic market while understanding the complexities of commuter communities.
Transportation: Efficient and safe transportation systems are vital to local and regional quality of life factors
  • Strengthen Jefferson City as a vibrant regional hub through intermodal connections.
  • Promote an accessible and well-connected Jefferson City.
  • Provide Jefferson City residents and visitors with a transportation system that serves their needs. 
Environmental Resiliency: Environmental resiliency in Jefferson City, or the way individuals use and interact with the natural and human-made environment, is essential for protecting life and property
  • Prepare and adapt Jefferson City for natural and human-made disasters.
  • Utilize infrastructure and facility improvements to support the existing population and meet new development needs.
  • Expand environmentally sustainable and energy efficient practices across Jefferson City.
Land Use: Land use and zoning regulation improves quality of life by protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the community.
  • Enrich the city center environment. 
  • Create robust commercial and employment centers.
  • Maintain and create responsible, practical, and resilient growth.
Capital Culture and Healthy Lifestyles: Social and physical vibrancy is key to Jefferson City’s quality of life
  • Enhance Jefferson City’s culture, focusing on diversity and quality of place.
  • Sustain a thriving and diverse parks and recreation system.
  • Increase access to social well-being and physical health amenities.

The Department of Planning and Protective Services is responsible for updating and maintaining the City's comprehensive plan. 

Activate Jefferson City 2040

Other special studies and plans that help support Jefferson City's overall goals and growth can be found under the "Plans and Publications" tab on the Planning & Protective Services Department page.

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