Neighborhood Reinvestment Act

April 1, 2020 - Funding for the programs listed below have been temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. It is anticipated that funding will be reinstated at a later date.

In 2007, City Council created an Ad Hoc Committee on Revitalization of Old Town. The Ad Hoc Committee was charged with investigating ways that the City of Jefferson might foster investment and revitalization. From the identified priorities and recommendation of the Ad Hoc Committee was the creation of programs and incentives known as the Neighborhood Reinvestment Act.

Each of the Neighborhood Reinvestment Act programs are designed to promote residential owner occupied investment, spur commercial development and removal of slum and blight. Currently there are five city funded programs that benefit Old Town and the recently added East Side District. Funds are limited, subject to annual Council appropriation and are available first-come first-served basis.

Reinvestment Incentive Area Boundary Map

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Down Payment Incentive - Program Temporarily Suspended

Residential Tax Reimbursement - Program Temporarily Suspended

Commercial Facade Improvement Incentive - Program Temporarily Suspended

Adaptive Reuse Incentive - Program Temporarily Suspended

Rental Facade Improvement - Program Temporarily Suspended