Route Maps

April 5, 2023
The Orange (MO Blvd) Route and Black (Capitol Mall) Route will return to regular operation on April 10th. Busses on these routes will operate on a 40-minute headway and stop at the regular stops. 

Unfortunately, driver shortages caused the City of Jefferson to institute adjustments to all fixed bus routes in February of 2023.  In order to maintain service, the six-route system was adjusted to an alternating route system operating on an 80-minute headway instead of the regular 40-minute headway. 

While the Orange (MO Blvd) and Black (Capital Mall) routes have returned to a 40-minute headway all other routes will remain on the temporary 80-minute headway until the driver shortage has been resolved.

The Green (High St. East) route and Gold (High St. West) route will alternate, forming one combined route.
The Blue (Southwest) route and Red (Business 50 East) route will alternate, forming one combined route.

When enough drivers are available routes will return to their regular schedule. A temporary route guide and route timetables is available using the links below.

Temporary Route Guide with Adjusted Timetables
Adjusted Timetables Only

JEFFTRAN Temporary Route Schedules for Full Mo Blvd with Combination Routes 4.10.2023