Historic Preservation Demolition Process

In accordance with Section 8-43 of the City Code, the Historic Preservation Commission reviews Demolition Applications for structures over 50 years old forwarded by the Department of Planning and Protective Services.  Demolition Applications fall into one of two categories:

Demolition Review - The review process is largely advisory in nature, and cannot prevent a demolition permit issuance.
The Demolition Review Application fee is $55.00.  The processing timeline is 75 days from receipt of completed application or two meetings, whichever is less. 

Demolition Clearance - The issuance of clearance is required prior to demolition permit issuance.
  • Structure(s) over 100 years old; or
  • Structure(s) located within Local Historic District.
The Demolition Clearance Application fee is $108.00.  Applications for Demolition Clearance requires a public hearing prior to vote on issuance of the clearance.  Notice of the public hearing would be posted on the property.  Appeals of denial of demolition clearance may be requested by property owner to the City Council with a new public hearing.  The property would be reposted with the public hearing time.

Digital photos are required to be submitted electronically as part of the application.  Photos must have been taken within the last 90 days of all exterior sides, interior rooms and stairwells. Photographs must show all areas and characteristics of the structure, not just those areas in disrepair.  If multiple structures or addresses, the photos must be labeled to distinguish between structures. 

Approval of Clearance or Review would be valid for a period of 1 year, and would have no tie to the current property owner.  This would allow for a property owner to pursue historic preservation review independently from plans to actually demolish the structure.  This allows historic preservation review to proceed in anticipation of a real estate transaction, as a single piece of a development plan involving multiple properties, etc.

Penalties for demolition without a permit are outlined in Section 8-37, and include misdemeanor designation punishable by fine of up to $1,000 and/or 180 days imprisonment.

Application for Demolition Review/Clearance to the Historic Preservation Commission
2024 Historic Preservation Commission Filing Calendar

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