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The Landmark Award is an honorary designation and is made by the City of Jefferson’s Historic Preservation Commission which recognizes a property’s historical significance and contribution to the community.  Each year since 1993, the Commission recognizes several buildings or properties as Landmark Award properties.  In May of each year during the City’s Preservation Week activities, the awards are presented to the owners along with a Designated Landmark plaque for permanent display on the building or property.

Properties that have received the Landmark Award represent the full range of Jefferson City’s heritage and architectural style.  The properties include governmental properties, educational institutions, residences, retail stores, manufacturing properties, houses of worship, and freestanding monuments.  Some have been restored to their original use.  Others have been restored and put to new uses.  Some are part of the State’s park system.  Others have not been restored or preserved.  Whatever their condition or use, the Commission truly appreciates the willingness of the individual property owners to allow their properties to be recognized for the historic and architectural contribution they make to our community.

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