Demolition Recommended for 113 Adams St.

The City of Jefferson has determined that the structure located at 113 Adams Street poses an imminent danger to public safety, necessitating its demolition. This recommendation follows a thorough assessment that identified a significant decline in the structure’s condition, rendering the building as a severe public safety hazard.

Based on the staff recommendation, the City Council will vote on approving the demolition at the June 17, 2024 meeting.

Upon entry to the building June 2024, the current state of the home has significantly deteriorated since the structural report findings in May 2022.

The structural report in May 2022 found that "numerous areas of severe moisture damage were observed throughout the structure at all levels of the home. The damage was most severe at the roof and upper level. The upper level floor was dangerous to traverse at several locations due to deterioration to the floor framing. Several of the windows were damaged and the roof assembly was not functional and readily allowed excessive amounts of moisture to infiltrate inside the structure. Moisture infiltration through the building envelope was also occurring at several locations in the structure. Apparent foundation movement had occurred at the northwest corner causing a large separation in the exterior masonry wall. Although this condition was not hazardous, amount of foundation movement that caused the crack was considered to have been excessive." 

In light of these findings, the interested party in the property has been fully reimbursed for escrow funds.

While the building at 113 Adams Street is a historical presence on Capitol Avenue, its current condition renders it unsalvageable. The safety and well-being of our community must take precedence. Maintaining such a structure, given its compromised state, is not viable.

We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of all stakeholders as we take necessary actions to ensure the safety of our community.

If approved, the property will still be included in the East Capitol Avenue Request for Proposals (RFP) as a vacant lot.

Below are interior photos highlighting the extent of the damage and the critical need for demolition.

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