Capitol Avenue Plans

East Capitol Ave Evaluations 2022

The City Council has adopted Ordinance 16216.  This ordinance has instructed City Staff to organize a plan on how to address blight on East Capitol Avenue.  This site will be maintained with the most current information.  

It is important to note the City does not currently own the referenced properties. If interested in restoration or redevelopment, it is encouraged to reach out to the property owner. In an effort to maintain transparency, the City will keep a list of interested parties. To be added to the list, please email

Capitol Avenue Area - Dangerous and Blighted Properties Booklet

Current Activities
  • 108 Jackson will be demolished using Neighborhood Stabilization Program funds. The Section 106 has already been completed. A memorandum of agreement is currently being negotiated with the State Historic Preservation Office and the Missouri Department of Economic Development.
  • The City has entered into a contract with Allstate Consultants LLC for structural evaluations of :
    • 109 Adams Street
    • 113 Adams Street
    • 401 E Capitol Avenue
    • 407 E Capitol Avenue
    • 409 E Capitol Avenue
    • 410 E Capitol Avenue (410-416 E Capitol Ave)
    • 415 Commercial Way
  • The City is pursuing a Historic Preservation Fund grant to perform structural assessments on the remaining dangerous buildings around E Capitol.

Accomplished Activities