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Adult Broomball 2020

Similar to ice hockey played without skates, broomball uses brooms instead of hockey sticks to shoot a foam ball into the opponent's goal.

It is played cross ice and is designed to provide a quality leisure experience for participants without being intensely competitive.

Team name is needed at time of registration.  Roster due by deadline.

Games are played on Sunday evenings at Washington Park Ice Arena, 711 Kansas St. Games will be scheduled 45 minutes apart.  Each game will consist of three, 10 minute periods with the clock running continuously.  There will be a 1 minute rest period between each period. 

To register, contact Washington Park Ice Arena at (573) 634-6547 or

 Sunday Games  Deadline Fee Late
 March 15 - May 3 March 2  $275 $295

Registration Packet Spring 2020

Roster Template