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Welcome to McClung Park

Park Address: 930 McClung Park Drive

McClung Park was built in 1915 by inmates of the Missouri State Penitentiary as a state park. The supervisor of the construction was D.C. McClung, for whom the park is named. Parks and R
ecreation purchased the 45 acre park in 1940 from the Missouri State Penal Board.

McClung Park is best known for its large outdoor pavilion with a barbecue facility and the indoor pavilion. There is also a playground and play field on the site. 

The outdoor pavilion has a capacity of 160 people under the roof and can accommodate an additional 125 people in the outdoor seating area. The indoor pavilion can accommodate groups as large as 200 people. The indoor pavilion is air conditioned and has a small serving kitchen. It is frequently used for square dancing, wedding receptions, class reunions, and a variety of Parks and Recreation leisure classes

With parking for 158 vehicles, McClung Park often serves large group barbecues and fund raising events.