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Greenway System

W. Edgewood Greenway

Have you heard the word ‘greenway' and wondered what it means or what it is? The term ‘greenway' is synonymous with the wide ‘sidewalk' or linear park running through Jefferson City near Wears Creek. A Greenway system includes small strips of land, typically beside a road or stream, and parcels of land maintained in a natural condition where development is limited. Pathways for public use connect the strips and blocks of land.

The greenway is a multi-use trail designed to provide a safe alternative to walk, jog, bike, or skate away from busy city streets. There are approximately 15 miles of greenway trail throughout Jefferson City providing additional opportunities for outdoor recreation, relaxation and enjoyment. See the inset box below for specific trail sections and lengths.

The greenway trail system is always expanding by connecting parks, neighborhoods, schools and businesses throughout the city. If you would like more information on the Jefferson City Greenway, if you have ideas on where or how the greenway should be extended, or if your organization or neighborhood can provide volunteer labor or funding, contact the Parks and Recreation office. We are always working to make Jefferson City a nicer place to live.

Washington Park Greenway