Todd Spalding, Director of Parks, Recreation & Forestry

Jessica Mosier, Customer Service Representative

Amy Schroeder, Community Relations Manager

Amy Shaw, Administrative Assistant

Laurence Hogg, Program Manager-Community Equity and Inclusion

Aaron Grefrath, Assistant Director Programs

Andrew Brunnert, Program Manager/The Linc Membership Director

Chad Brown, Hockey Director

Anthony Weeks, Program Manager-Ice Arena

Julie Haupt, Program Manager-Pools

(Mary) Alexis Kerman, Program Manager-Outdoor Recreation

Missy Morarity, Program Manager-Adult Athletics

Leann Porrello, Cultural Arts Specialist

Carly Potts, Recreation Specialist/Skating Director/Camp

Steve Schellman, Program Manager-Youth Athletics

Phil Stiles, Program Manager-Special Events

Angie Toebben, Program Manager-Camp/Special Populations

James Reinkemeyer, Special Populations Program Coordinator

J.J. Gates, Assistant Director Parks

Rena Barron, Administrative Technician

Stephanie Bruemmer, Program Manager-Golf

Ray Wallace, Park Supervisor-Forestry

Josh Werdehausen, Park Supervisor-Park Maintenance

Kevin Wieberg, Park Supervisor-Golf & Turf