Wellness and Recreation Center Frequently Asked Questions

History was made in Jefferson City on September 9 and 10, 2015, with the approval and signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Lincoln University and the City of Jefferson Department of Parks and Recreation. Approval of the document by the Parks and Recreation Commission and the Lincoln University Board of Curators cements a year long process aimed at improving both university and community services and facilities. The level of enthusiasm for the project is evident from the number of questions which both the University and Parks and Recreation have received. The following list of frequently asked questions is intended to inform the public of the details of the project, share and broaden the enthusiasm, and invite additional input.

What is the location of the proposed building?

What is the general description of the building?

Why is the facility named the "Wellness Center"?

I heard the building size has been reduced. Does that mean less court space?

I've heard that students will have the gyms reserved 90% of the time.  When will the community be able to use the courts? How many courts will be available?

What is the anticipated opening date for the facility?

I understand there is some debate going on about who should manage the facility: Parks & Recreation or Lincoln. How will the facility be staffed?

What are the hours of operation for the facility?

Will the facility be open every day?

I'm hearing a lot of concern that the public is paying for the building but will not be able to use the fitness center portion of the facility.

What will it cost for persons to use the facility?

What programs will be conducted in the new facility?

Will the facility be able to accommodate youth sports tournaments?

Will anyone be able to suggest uses for the facility?

Will I ever be able to just drop in to shoot baskets?

Where can I obtain additional information about the project?