Free Agents

This website is to help Players Looking for a Team
 or Teams Looking for a Player.

If you are a Free Agent, please visit our Free Agent Registration website first to submit your info. to the Program Managers for Adult & Youth Sports; Missy Morarity & Steve Schellman, who will then post it below.

Occasionally, we will email our list of Team Contacts with this info. too.

I hope this helps.

Thanks & good luck.


1.  Player's Name:  Tripp Randolph, Parent's Name:  Lori Randolph, Boys Competitive Basketball, 5th Grade,, 573-230-4078, Fall/Winter season, date submitted 9/4/2020.

 2.  Player's Name:  Manny McClanahan, High School Hoops, Boys 9th Grade,, 573-434-2034, Fall/Winter season, date submitted 9/1/2020.

3.  Player's Name: Sarah Horne, Parent's Name: Becky Horne,, 573-291-8863, Youth Girls Competitive Basketball, 7th grade, date submitted 9/3/2020. 

4.  Player's Name: Landon Vandegriffe, Parent's Name: Kyle and Cally Vandegriffe,,  573-220-2877, Boys Competitive Basketball, 8th grade, date submitted:  9/24/2020.

5.  Player's Name: Justin Case, Parent's Name: Jim Case,, 573-590-3039, Summer Youth Competitive Baseball, 14U, date submitted 10/16/2020.

6.  Player's Name: Trevion Williams Jr., Parent's Name: Trevion Williams Sr.,, 573-645-1252, Fall, Youth Boys Competitive Basketball, 4th grade, date submitted 10/7/2020.

7.  Player's Name: Kaden Hamblin, Parent's Name: Scott Hamblin,, 573-418-7090, Youth Boys Competitive Basketball, 4th grade, date submitted 10/9/2020.

8.  Player's Name: Kaylie Kohler, Parent's Name: Kelly & Jennifer Kohler,, 573-353-9213, Youth Girls Competitive Basketball, 6th grade, date submitted 10/9/2020.

9.  Player's Name: Cody Brown, Parent's Name: Manny McClananan,, 573-434-3069, Youth Boys Competitive Basketball, 7th grade, date submitted 10/22/2020.

10.  Player's Name: Kaitlyn Brown, Parent's Name: Manny McClanahan,, 573-434-2034, High School Hoops, 9th grade , date submitted 10/22/2020.

11.  Player's Name: Rylie Balkenbush, Parent's Name: Crystal Hoover,, 573-368-9388, Youth Girls Competitive Basketball, 7th Grade, date submitted 11/5/2020.

12.  Player's Name: Reese Cook, Parent's Names: Kendra and Justin Cook,, 563-212-2750, Youth Girls Competitive Basketball, 5th Grade, date submitted 11/16/2020.