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This web site is dedicated solely to prospective and current JC Parks Umpires for our baseball and softball leagues.
You will find everything you need to register and keep you informed.

Umpire Chart
Pay Range  JC Parks League Umpire Requirements Age Uniform/Equipment Employment Type  Forms Needed
$35-$40 per game Certified and/or experienced 18+  provided by umpire  Independent Contractor 
$17-$25 per game

Staff Contacts:
Age Requirement:
    • All Umpires must be at least 18 years of age.

    • Umpires will provide JC parks with the following info. during registration:
      • Contact info.
      • Preferences:
        • Baseball, Softball, or both.
        • Youth, Adult, or both.
        • League preferences (see above).
        • Youth age preference (8-10, 11-14, or both).
      • Certification.
      • Experience (0-2 or 3 or more years).
      • Schedule conflicts.
      • Number of nights per week you want to work.
      • Forms Needed (see chart above):
        • Contract
        • W9
Pay Rates:
    • Beginning:  Not certified and 0-2 years’ experience = $35 per game
    • Standard:  Certified and 3 or more years’ experience = $40 per game.
    • 1-person crew = $50 per game
    • Adult Softball = $25 per game
    • Umpires will provide:
      • Collared shirt
        • Light blue for Softball
        • Navy or Black for Baseball
      • Pants/slacks
        • No shorts (except for Adult Softball), ball pants, or jeans.
      • Hat
        • At 63 Diamonds, you can change clothes in the storage room where we store the game balls, etc. But you must go through the garage, NOT the concession stand. You can always change in the bathrooms too.
    • Umpires will provide their own face mask, chest protector, shin guards, ball bag/pouch, & plate brush.
    • If you need to borrow anything, email Steve or Missy.
      • Deposit is required.
Ball Field Info:
  • Click here for ball field locations and details. 

    • Provide a safe, fun, and enjoyable experience for the kids/adults in our community. 
    • Keep the health & safety of all involved  the #1 priority (keep helmets on, stay behind the fence, etc.)
    • Report problems with coaches, parents, players, fans, or fields/facilities to the Facility Supervisor on duty or Steve or Missy.
    • Be ready to go by the first game of the season.
    • Be reliable.  Keep your commitments.
    • Be punctual.  If you’re on time, you’re late.  You must arrive 30 minutes early and check in with the Facility Supervisor.  Conduct the pre-game Head Coaches meeting 15 minutes before 1st pitch and discuss all major rules before the game starts.
    • Represent JC parks well, it is a partnership.
    • Take care of yourself.  Please hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, get proper nutrition, breaks & rest, wear protective UV hats/clothing & use sunscreen often.  We know umpires are in short supply and high demand, but please don't overbook yourself.
    • Be a pro, even though it is a very tough job at times.
    • Veteran umpires will help train the less-experienced.
    • Seek certification & professional development.
      • 1st Aide & CPR training available.
    • Call 1 game at home, 1 on the bases, per night.
    • Follow park rules: no profanity, smoking, tobacco, alcohol, etc.
    • Conservative use of game balls.
      • Foul balls go back to umpire.
    • Help us recruit more umpires.
Facility Supervisors:
    • 1 at each complex each night.
    • They are there to help you with anything (ejections, COVID-19 guidelines, etc.)
    • They will unlock the gates, flip on lights/scoreboards, put the spray bottles with sanitizer in the dugouts, and supervise all activities.
    • Check in with them as soon as you arrive.
    • They will give you:
      • Cloth Face Mask if desired. 
      • Ball-Strike Indicator & Timer at your 1stt game of the season.  Keep these for the entire season.
      • Scorecard to complete for each inning & game.  After game 2, make sure the Head Coaches sign it.  Then return it to  them at the end of the night.  They will share with Steve or Missy.
      • Game balls: 
        • Youth:  2 new and 2 used. per game.  We provide all game balls, not the teams.
        • Adult:  They are given games balls at the beginning of the season and will provide/hit their own.
      • A bucket of sanitizing wipes to wipe down the game balls in between innings.
COVID-19 BB/SB Game Guidelines
    • Please read these very carefully.
    • You must help with compliance.
    • Use your good judgment.
    • $1 off all drinks.
    • 50 cents off all food items.
      • Just for leagues, not tournaments.
    • Through TeamSideline:
        • Log in or create an account then go to Officials Management > Assignments.
          • Will show date, time, league, division, teams, location, partner, etc.
          • Shows 1 assignment per game.
          • Green check = accept (must do so immediately, if you don't within 5 days it will auto-reject).
          • Red X = reject (Steve or Missy will get an email, will assign to someone else or offer it to the group on GroupMe).
          • Once you accept then it will move to Confirmed Assignments.
          • You can see your partner’s name and contact info. in TeamSideline. Please contact them each morning to confirm, discuss shirt color, who’s doing the plate for game 1 so you can gear up, etc.
          • TeamSideline has a TeamSideline Officials app for your cell phone too (not to be confused with the regular TeamSideline app).
          • You will get a reminder email from TeamSideline 12 hours before each assignment.
          • I do not have time to send everyone a text the morning of their games to confirm and make double sure. So if the games are confirmed in TeamSideline, I will expect you to honor your commitment. We have a zero tolerance policy for "no call, no show." We are all working hard to build up our leagues, our brand, and our reputation. We need everyone's cooperation.   Thanks.
Leagues & League Rules: Tournaments:
    • To umpire tourneys, ask the host.
    • We rent our fields for tourneys, the host hires the umpires.
    • Competitive Baseball with Greater Midwest Baseball (GMB):
      • Ryan Mitchel is the GMB Assigner.
        • 573-418-9973 or
        • Include your name, cell, & email.
        • Competitive Baseball Tourneys @ 63 with GMB on:  June 12-14, June 19-21, July 3-5, & July 24-26.
    • Softball or Baseball:
      • Rick Petty, President of Mid-Missouri Umpire Association & Assignor for MSHSAA Baseball & Softball in Mid-Missouri.
On-Field Training:
    • Who: Everyone is welcome, but strongly recommended for all new and less-experienced umpires.
      • Veteran Umpires Rick Petty & Keith Townsend will host.
    • What: agenda includes umpire mechanics, positions, calls, signals, professionalism, communication terms, handling conflicts, etc.
    • When: Wed. May 27 from 6:00-7:30 PM at Optimist Sports Complex on Vogel Field (2000 Optimist Court)
    • RSVP: Please RSVP to Steve.
    • Weather: In case of rain, Steve will notify everyone via GroupMe if we change locations to The Linc (1299 Lafayette St.)
    • Paid:  You will be paid the equivalent of 1 game, so $35-$40.
    • For mass communications quickly and easily .
    • Primary means of group communication
      • Steve & Missy will use GroupMe to inform you of cancellations, etc.
    • Please only send messages that apply to the entire group. Do not send unnecessary messages. Otherwise, we get so many texts that they start to lose our attention.
    • You can Direct Message anyone in the group if you need to chat individually instead of sending a message to all. Just click on the group avatar (picture of the umpire) > Members > select the member > Send direct message.
    • If you need to text Missy or Steve individually, please use our cell phones.
    • Once you have been added to the group, please send a quick reply. If you don’t reply within 48 hours GroupMe will automatically remove you from the group. It works best if you download the free GroupMe app to your phone but you can also just get direct texts.
Weather/Lightning Guidelines:
    • We usually wait until about 3 PM to decide to cancel or not due to inclement weather or wet fields. I will message the entire group via GroupMe. If I have time, I will also text you individually.
    • If games have already started, call time, confer with the Facility Supervisor, who will call Steve or Missy to discuss.
    • All fields need to do the same thing.
    • As a general rule, if you see lightning nearby, take them off the field then wait 20 minutes & reevaluate. You can take them to shelter if you think you can return to play.
    • Always better safe than sorry.
    • No paper timesheets needed.  Just make sure your assignments in TeamSideline are 100% accurate.
    • Steve & Missy will submit your games worked on the last working day of month.
    • Get paid via check about 2 weeks later.
      • Come by The Linc to get your check or we can mail it.
JC Parks Offices at The Linc:
    • 1299 Lafayette St.
    • Limited hours right now:
      • Mon-Thur: 5 am - 1 PM; 4 - 8 PM (facility closed for cleaning 1 - 4 PM)
      • Fri: 5 am - 1 pm; 4 - 7 pm (facility closed for cleaning 1 - 4 pm)
      • Sat: 7 am - 12 pm
      • Sun: 10 am - 2 pm

    • You are invaluable, we couldn't do it without you.
    • We are looking forward to working with you.
    • We will support you.
    • Thanks for all you do.
    • Have fun.
    • Call a great game.