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Winter Weather Driving Tips:

-Accelerate and decelerate slowly.

-Give yourself time to maneuver.
-Increase following distance.
-Stay home.  If you don't really have to go out, don't.
(Source: AAA Winter Driving Tips)

Above photo: MVA on the Missouri River Bridge 1/19/16

Date   January 19, 2016 
Subject  The City of Jefferson offers winter sidewalk care reminder  

The City of Jefferson requests property owners and residents remove snow  and accumulations of ice from public sidewalks adjacent to their properties as soon as practical to aid pedestrian movement.  Please deposit shoveled snow or ice away from pedestrian and vehicle travelways, including sidewalks, streets, alleyways and bus stops. Not only is it the neighborly thing to do, it is a civic and legal responsibility under the City’s code of ordinances. 

If a fire hydrant is adjacent to your property, please ensure that it remains uncovered by snow. 

Your cooperation is appreciated. For more information please contact the Department of Planning and Protective Services at 573-634-6410 or by email at Visit the City’s webpage for additional information at  

Our Purpose
To contribute to the overall quality of life by promoting a safe community through fire prevention and emergency response.

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What We Do

The services provided by the fire department include: fire suppression, emergency medical services, rescue, hazardous materials mitigation, and overall management of emergencies. The department delivers emergency services from five fire stations strategically located within the city limits. Fire suppression services are rendered from seven fire trucks and one command vehicle. The frontline fleet includes three engines, two rescue pumpers, and two 100-foot ladder trucks. All frontline fire trucks are equipped with thermal imaging cameras, automated external defibrillators (AEDs), and carbon monoxide detectors. The fire department also maintains a reserve fleet of vehicles that are utilized when frontline trucks are out of service.  The reserve trucks include two engines, one rescue pumper, and one 75-foot ladder truck which are also used during callback procedures in the event of a large fire. 

The fire department also conducts fire safety inspections of all city businesses on an annual basis. Six fire personnel serve as special inspectors that oversee plan review, inspect high hazard locations, and perform new business inspections.  In 2014, the fire department and the city’s IT department developed a new software system to assist the department in tracking fire inspections and verifying business addresses.

Firefighters provide a variety of fire safety programs that include: workplace fire extinguisher training, a simulated fire trailer, and the education of children on the importance of fire safety and exit plans. Each fire station also has multiple firefighters that are certified child passenger safety seat installation technicians.

All fire personnel are state-licensed emergency medical technicians or paramedics and many are trained to perform specialized services including high angle and water rescue, trench collapse, automobile extrication, confined space and structural collapse operations.

Contact Information
Fire Administration
Open Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Phone: (573) 634-6401
Fax: (573) 634-6402