Planning and Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission hears requests for zoning changes, planned unit developments, subdivisions, special exception permits, and amendments to the zoning code and subdivision code.  The Commission offers recommendations on these items to the City Council, who is the final approval authority.  The Planning and Zoning Commission also hears proposals for amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, which is the guiding document for the growth and future land use within Jefferson City.  The Commission is made up of 9 members and three alternate members, who are appointed for four year terms by the Mayor, subject to approval by the City Council.  The Commission's regular meeting time is at 5:15 PM on the second Thursday of each month in the Council Chamber in City Hall.  These are public meetings and citizens are given an opportunity to briefly voice their support or opposition to issues being considered by the Commission.  Planning and Zoning Commission meetings are broadcast live on JCTV Channel 81, digital cable channel 12.2.

Meeting Information

2018 Meeting Dates and Filing Deadline Calendar

May 10, 2018 Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting Packet
June 14, 2018 Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting Packet

July 12, 2018 Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting Packet

Planning and Zoning Pending Cases: July 12, 2018 Public Hearing, 5:15 City Council Chambers
Case No. P18016 - Text Amendment Pertaining to Chapter 3 of Jefferson City Code, Advertising and Signs. Request  filed by city staff to amend the text of Chapter 3. Advertising and Signs. 

     Staff Report
     Sign Code Amendment  

City Council Pending Cases   Pending Cases: July 16, 2018 Public Hearing, 6:00 pm City Council Chambers

Case P18014 – Creation of the School Street Local Historic District.  Request filed by Jenny Smith, lead applicant, and 21 other property owners within the proposed district for the following:

  1. Creation and designation of the School Street Local Historic District for an area containing 28 property parcels and consisting of approximately 4 acres.
  2. Enactment of design guidelines for properties within the district, including regulations requiring review and approval of new buildings and building modifications by the Historic Preservation Commission. 
     Application Narrative
     Local Historic District Design Guidelines 
     Map & Photos 
     Application Signatures 
     Location Map 
     Staff Report and Packet

Case P18015 - 1050 South Country Club Drive, Final Subdivision Plat of Turtle Creek Subdivision Section 2. Request Filed by Lage L.C.C Property owner, for the following:
  1. Final Subdivision Plat of 16.02 acres consisting of 41 lots. 
     Application Materials 
     Final Subdivision Plat 
     Staff Report and Packet 

Passed Cases before the City CouncilJanuary 2, 2018 Public Hearing, 6:00 PM, Council Chambers.

Case P17020 - Text Amendment Pertaining to Short Term Rentals.  Request filed by city staff to amend the text of Chapter 35, Zoning, with respect to the following:   
   1.  Establishment of short term rental of residence or lodging room as a permitted use in the commercial and mixed use districts and as a special exception use in the residential and industrial districts.    
   2.  Establishment of specific use standards pertaining to short term rental of a residence or lodging room     
     Proposed Council Bill      
     Case Packet and Staff Report

Case P17022 –Text Amendment Pertaining to Historic Preservation Review of Demolition Proposals.  Request filed by city staff to amend the text of Chapter 8, Buildings and Building Regulations, establishing procedures and regulations with respect to Historic Preservation Commission review of demolition proposals.  The proposed regulations would include provisions that could prevent the issuance of demolition permits for structures meeting certain requirements and found to be historically significant.
     Proposed Amendment
     Staff Analysis
     Case Packet and Staff Report
     Status update on bill - with recommendations by P&Z Commission and Historic Preservation Commission
     Updated bill - as will be introduced to City Council

How to comment on an upcoming agenda item
Citizens may speak at the Planning and Zoning Commission meetings or may submit written comments related to an issue on the Commission's agenda.  Written comments may be submitted by letter, e-mail, or FAX to the addresses shown below and must be received at the Planning Division before 5:00 PM on the day prior to the meeting to allow for copying and distribution to Commission members.  Correspondence, exhibits or other material received at the meeting will be included in the official record.  You may bring your own copies of material to distribute to Commission members and staff (suggest 15 copies).  Please use the specified case number shown in the agenda to reference your written comments to the issue under consideration.

Written comments may be directed to the Planning and Zoning Commission through the Department of Planning and Protective Services, Planning Division or by mail to:
Fax: (573) 634-6457
Mail: Department of Planning and Protective Services, Planning Division
         John G. Christy Municipal Building/City Hall
         320 E. McCarty Street, Room 120
         Jefferson City, MO  65101

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