Business 50 East
Common destinations (hyperlinks open in Google Maps)
 JEFFTRAN  820 E Miller St
 Dulle & Hamilton Towers  10 & 12 Jackson St
 Missouri River Regional Library  214 Adams St
 Immaculate Conception School  1206 E McCarty St
 East Elementary  1229 E McCarty St
 Louis and Clark Middle School  325 Louis & Clark Drive
 Gerbes East  2101 Schotthill Woods Drive
 Wal-Mart East  401 Supercenter Drive
 Scholastic  2931 E McCarty St


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Capitol Mall
Common destinations (hyperlinks open in Google Maps)
   JEFFTRAN  820 E Miller St
   Menard's  810 Stonecreek Dr
   Sam's Club  849 Stoneridge Parkway
   JCMG  1241 W Stadium Blvd
   VA Jefferson City Clinic  2707 W. Edgewood Dr #107
  SSM Healthcare St. Mary's Hospital  2505 Mission Drive
   MO Department of Health and Human Services  912 Wildwood Dr
   Lowe's  3441 MO Blvd
   Wildwood Crossing  3535 Missouri Blvd
   MO Department of Social Services/MO Healthnet  615 Howerton Ct
   Lawson Elementary School  1105 Fairgrounds Rd
  Thomas Jefferson Middle School  1201 Fairgrounds Rd
  Capitol Mall/Hyvee 3600 Country Club Dr.
  Community Health Center 3400 West Truman Blvd.
  MO Dept. of Conservation 2901 West Truman Blvd.
  Gerbes West 2805 West Truman Blvd.
  Runge Nature Center MO-179

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High St. East

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High St. West

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Missouri Boulevard

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