Outstanding Service Employee Of The Year

Ric Hurst 2018

Ric Hurst was chosen to receive the 2018 Outstanding Employee Service Award because of his
outstanding attitude of “getting the job done and done in a manner of pride and correctness.”
Ric is very conscientious, orderly, precise and accurate in everything he does.

 Every project that Ric is assigned, is handled in a professional manner with respect to his fellow city employees, the general public, and family life. Ric’s dedication to the City of Jefferson is seen by his positive attitude of what needs to be done this day, tomorrow, as well as looking at the long term of what is expected to be completed.

Thank you, Ric, for all the support you show your fellow co-workers and the citizens of the City of Jefferson.
You are truly an asset to our City and your willingness to tackle any job (big or small) is very much appreciated!

Congratulations on being named the City of Jefferson’s Outstanding Service Employee for 2018!


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