Historic & Conservation Districts

Local Historic District
Local historic district designation applies to entire neighborhoods or other areas that include many historic properties. Designation is an honor, meaning the community believes the architecture, history, and character of the area are worthy of recognition and protection. The Historic Preservation Commission reviews the local historic district application.  If approved, the application is forwarded onto the City Council for consideration through passage of an ordinance. 

The following are criteria's for application to the Historic Preservation Commission:
  • At least 75% of the property owners within the area have to agree to and sign the application to form a historic district, and the district area has to be contiguous and compact, using definable geographic boundaries such as entire block frontages of streets.
  • A design criteria is developed to help preserve the historic integrity of the district.
  • Compose narrative citing criteria's for nomination of a local historic district.  The district need only meet 1 of the 9 criteria's on the application list.  A response to each of the review criteria is listed on the application as a required attachment.
  • Property owner signatures must be notarized, and it is important that the draft design criteria be presented to the property owners at the time of signature to ensure that the property owner understands that formation of the district would place restrictions on their property.
Local Historic District Application Form

Conservation District 
A conservation district is any area designated by the City of Jefferson Historic Preservation Commission as an area containing any physical features or improvements or both which are of historical, social, cultural, architectural or aesthetic significance to the City and cause such area to constitute a distinctive section of the city. This overlay zone may be used for areas which have distinctive characteristics that are worthy of conservation, but lack sufficient historical, architectural or cultural significance to qualify as historic areas.

The City currently has two conservation district:  

The Lower Jefferson Conservation District is bounded on the north by the Union Pacific tracks, on the east by Brooks Street, on the west by the junction of West Main St and High Streets. The purpose of the design guidelines is to establish certain standards that will protect the character of the district and encourage appropriate development in the district.