Advertising and Signage

Advertising and signage within Jefferson City is regulated by Chapter 3 of the City Code, and administered by Building Regulations staff.  A sign permit is required prior to placement of new signage, which must meet the sign area, height, placement, lighting, sign type, and other regulations of the City Code. 

Sign permit application 2024

Available signage for commercial zoned properties in Jefferson City is calculated as follows:

Building mounted signage
Available area is calculated based on the area of the building facade and the zoning of the property as follows:
 Zoning District  Front Facade
 Maximum Coverage
 Side/Rear Facade  
Maximum Coverage
 C-2 or C-1  10%  5%
 C-O  7.5%  5%
 M-1 or M-2  5%  5%
Size of the building facade is measured as: length of building x height (up to 20 feet)
Maximum height of a freestanding sign is 32 feet, as measured from the ground below the sign.
Advertising displayed in windows is included in the maximum sign area.

Freestanding signage (pole signs, monument signs, and directional signs)
Available area is calculated as one of the following (whichever benefits the property the most).
     1. One (1) square foot of signage for each two (2) linear feet of street frontage.
     2. One (1) square foot of signage for each fifty (50) square feet of building area on the ground floor.
     3. One (1) square foot of signage for each two hundred (200) square feet of property.
The maximum size of a single freestanding sign is two hundred (200) square feet.
A property is permitted a maximum of one freestanding sign per street frontage.  Shopping center and other multi-tenant buildings should have space on the sign reserved for each tenant.
Maximum height of a freestanding sign in the C-2, M-1, and M-2 zoning districts is 32 feet.
Maximum height of a freestanding sign in the C-1 and C-O zoning districts is 10 feet.
as measured from the ground at the base of the sign or the centerline of the adjacent street (whichever is higher).

Properties zoned PUD Planned Unit Development, or with conditional use or special exception permits associated with them, may have site specific signage plans outside of the above regulations.

Prohibited advertising
1. Off-premise signs (unless in conformity with Sign Code)
2. Flashing signs
3. Advertising devices (including advertising flags, inflatable and wind operated devices).
4. Paper posters applied directly to a wall, pole, fence or building surface.
5. Signs painted directly on a wall, fence or building surface.
6. Portable or temporary signs (including banners and yard signs).
7. Signs that imitate a traffic sign.
8. Signs placed on areas of public ownership including street right of way and sidewalks.
9. Sign lighting that hampers traffic vision.
10. Moving signs.
11. Roof signs (except when the sign is within the silhouette of the building.
12. Wall signs more than 32 feet above grade.
13. Business, company, or any other non-governmental flags displayed on roof-mounted flagpoles.