Permit Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures are divided between Residential and Non-Residential (Commercial) construction.  The links below will help guide the user to the applicable sections.  Please note that all permit work requires inspections at various stages.  Site inspections will vary dependent on the work covered by the permit.  Please call (573) 634-6410 for questions and to arrange for site inspections.

Residential - New Construction

Residential - Alterations, Additions, or Repairs

Non-Residential (Commercial) - New Construction

Non-Residential (Commercial) - Alterations, Additions, or Repairs 

Building Regulations Division Building Permit Fee Structure: 
The following is a list of information pertaining to the various building permit fees. Please use this information to compute permit fees for the various building permit applications.  If you have questions, please contact the Building Regulations Division at (573) 634-6410.

Minimum Permit Fee: There will be a minimum permit fee of $25.00 for all building construction projects.

Residential Construction for One & Two Family Structures Formula:
       Construction Cost x Modifier 0.0025 = Permit Fee

Commercial Construction Construction Value Formula:
       $0 - $10,000,000 Construction Cost x Modifier 0.0050 = Permit Fee
       $10,000,001 and greater (Construction Cost above $10,000,000 x Modifier 0.0020) + $40,000 = Permit Fee

Please note that in addition to the building permit fee, a $417 fee is required for each new connection to the public sewer within City limits.