Home Based Businesses  (Home Occupations)

Home based businesses (Home occupations) within the city limits of Jefferson City are regulated by the Jefferson City Zoning Code in addition to the business licensing regulations applicable to all businesses operating within Jefferson City.  Home based businesses are only permitted as an accessory use to a dwelling unit, whether owner or renter occupied, and when compatible with the surrounding residential neighborhood.  Home based businesses require a Home Occupation Permit in addition to a Business License.  Applications are available through the Business Licensing Division when applying for a Flat Fee or Retail Business License.

Performance standards for home occupations:  (Section 35-40.B.1 and 2 of the Zoning Code)

1. Home occupations may only be operated by a full time resident of the dwelling.  No off site employees are allowed to report to the home.

2. The home must maintain a residential appearance.

3. Signage for the home occupation is limited to one non-illuminated sign with a maximum size of one square foot, which must be affixed against the wall or placed in the window (cannot be placed in the yard).

4. The home occupation must be conducted completely within the residence or accessory structure.  The total space used for the home occupation shall not exceed 25 percent of the total floor area of the house or 400 square feet, whichever is less.

5. Public utilities must be adequate to safely accommodate any equipment used with the home occupation.

6. Mechanized equipment used in conjunction with the home occupation shall be used only within a completely enclosed structure.  No equipment shall be used that created a nuisance due to odor, vibration or noise beyond the property line.  Use of power equipment in open garages, on driveways, or on patios is prohibited.  No mechanized equipment shall be stored outside.

7. No materials, goods or equipment, including equipment being repaired or used in conjunction with the home occupation, shall be stored or displayed outdoors.

8. Only one vehicle may be used for the home occupation and shall not exceed one ton capacity.  Only one trailer may be used in the conduct of a home occupation and shall be stored in an enclosed garage on the premises or stored off-site at a location approved for such storage.

9. Storage or use of dangerous, combustible or volatile materials used in conjunction with the home occupation shall be governed by the Jefferson City Fire Code.

10. No more than eight (8) additional vehicle trips per day shall be generated by the home occupation.

11. Deliveries related to the home occupation shall not occur more than twice per day between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.  Tractor trailer use or general freight hauling is not permitted.

12. Customer and client contact shall be conducted by electronic means, telephone, by mail, or off-site and not on the premises of the home occupation, except for home occupations such as day care service, tutoring, or teaching.  The home occupation shall not solicit customers to come to the home address by advertising an "open house" for marketing products or services available or through print or broadcast media including telephone "yellow page" ads.

Prohibited Home Occupations:

1. Any home occupation that involved the congregation of non-resident employees at a dwelling unit.

2. Barber shops and beauty parlors.

3. Cabinet making and furniture making.

4. Dancing schools.

5. Medical or dental offices or clinics, chiropractors, veterinarians, massage therapy, tattooing, body piercing, and counseling provided at the residence.

6. Motor vehicle repair or service.

7. Stripping, sanding, refinishing, restoration or painting of vehicles, household appliances or furniture.

8. Antique, resale, or second hand shops.

9. Repair shop for appliances, computers or equipment, except that an office only for such businesses may be established as a home occupation, with no storage or dropping off of the appliances, computers or equipment at the residence.

10. Photography studios and audio/video production studios.

11. Contractors operations, including home maintenance, excavating, landscaping or lawn maintenance services, except that an office only for such businesses may be established as a home occupation.  No storage or dropping off of equipment, vehicles, or materials at the residence is permitted and any tools associated with the home occupation must be stored within an enclosed structure.

12. Home occupations which fail to meet the applicable performance standards.