Short-Term Rentals

Short-Term Rentals

A short-term rental is a residential dwelling unit or room with a residential unit rented for a limited amount of time, typically on a nightly basis. Web platforms such as Airbnb and HomeAway can be used to help operate short-term rentals. Jefferson City has the following rules and regulations for short-term rental hosts:

Who May Rent?

1. Short-term rentals may only be operated if you are the owner of the subject property.
    • If you are a renter, and wish to operate your rental as a short-term rental, you need authorization from the landowner in writing.
2. Short-term rentals are permitted in all zoning districts. A short-term rental host needs to obtain a business license and is subject to local lodging tax.
    • Visit the Business License Division web page for more information, or call (573) 634-6322
    • Short-term rentals are subject to local lodging tax per Section 17-63 of the City Code. A tax of 7 percent per occupied room per night shall be collected and remitted to the City. Section 17-65 of the Code states that the lodging tax shall be paid to the City monthly. For more information contact the Finance Department at (573) 634-6508. Short-term rental hosts should use the Lodging Tax Form to report taxes. 
    • REMEMBER, in order to get a short-term rental business license you need to comply with the following building and housing standards.
Building and Housing Standards

1. Short-term rentals are only permitted within an existing primary structure residence. Accessory structures, such as a garage, are not permitted to be used for sleeping or accommodation purposes.

2. Number of occupants in a short-term rental.
    • Short-term rental of a residence: No more than 5 unrelated persons or any number of persons related by blood, marriage, or adoption are permitted.
    • Short-term rental of a lodging room: No more than 4 people are permitted in a short-term rental lodging room. Multiple lodging rooms within one residence are not permitted.
3. Signage.
    • One sign, of a maximum size of one square foot, attached to the exterior of the short-term rental is permitted. This sign cannot be lighted or accompanied by any other displays.
4. Parking Requirements.
    • 2 on-site parking spots where on-street parking is permitted.
    • 3 on-site parking spots where on-street is not permitted
5. Fire Safety Requirements.
    • Fire extinguishers in each sleeping room. One in the common area.
    • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in each sleeping room. One of each in the common area.
    • Fire escape plan posted in each sleeping area. One in the common area.
    • Two exits on any level.
    • No hot plates or microwaves allowed in sleeping areas.
If you have any additional questions please contact the Planning Division at (573) 634-6410 or at