Vacant & Abandoned Properties

Abandoned and vacant properties can become nuisances to the neighborhood if properties are not maintained. Properties vacant for more than 90 days must be registered with the City and maintained in safe condition. Please call 911 if suspicious activities are observed and call code enforcement at (573) 634-6410 about property code violations. The City is working to secure and monitor vacant properties through the Vacant & Abandoned Registry Program.

Vacant & Abandoned Building Registration

A residential or commercial property where an entire building on a parcel has been vacant and abandoned for more than 90 days along with two (2) additional conditions must be registered with the City. Additional conditions are the building:

1.  Is not secured 
2.  Is fire damaged to an extent which prohibits safe human occupancy 
3.  Is the site of loitering or vagrancy 
4.  Demonstrates a lack of property maintenance and upkeep as evidenced by one or more violations of the City Code 
5.  Has been boarded up for at least ninety (90) days 
6.  Has taxes in arrears to the City for a period of time exceeding 365 days 
7.  Has disconnected water and/or electricity  
8.  Is structurally unsound 
9.  Is a potential hazard or danger to person 

Property owners are required to complete the registration form within 15 days of being notified of the structure being deemed abandoned. There is a semi-annual $200.00 registration fee.  If unpaid, a $25.00 per month penalty fee will be assessed.  If contact information changes, notify the City within seven (7) days of changing.

Registration of an Abandoned Structure does not preclude the City from taking appropriate actions to secure the property or to issue orders to repair or abate dangerous, hazardous or unlawful conditions or from acting to eliminate an imminent hazard to public health and safety. Costs of such repairs or abatement shall be charged to the owner in form of a lien against the property.

List of Currently Registered Properties:
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The City of Jefferson has NO ownership interest in these properties and all inquiries must be directed to owner of record for each registered property.   The City will not discuss purchasing or acquiring properties as they are the private property of each owner.