Public Records

Sunshine Law Requests
The City Clerk is the designated custodian for all City records. All requests filed under the Missouri Sunshine Law should be submitted in writing. A "form" is not necessary, but one is provided below for your convenience. Correspondence requesting records may be sent to:
Office of the City Clerk
320 E. McCarty Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Fax: ATTN: City Clerk, (573) 634-6522
Submit a request using the Sunshine Request Form
         *Please note: requests submitted become public records and subject to Sunshine Requests

"Open Records" Request
All City records, except those specifically excluded by Missouri law, are deemed "open records." However, not all records have to be requested by filing a Sunshine Law request. Such records would include, but are not limited to, current agendas, minutes of meetings, ordinances, or resolutions, and can be located by searching our online records repository.

Open Records Policy and FAQs
If historic copies of "open records" are requested which would involve staff time to research and retrieve, it would be advisable to file a Sunshine Request so that we can provide an estimate of the cost to reimburse the City for staff time used to produce the records. The City can request that payment be made in advance of producing the records, and does not waive fees to ensure that all requests are treated equally. You will be provided an itemized estimate of the cost. 

*The City of Jefferson complies with all laws governing access to public records.
If you have questions, call the City Clerk at (573) 634-6311.

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