Public Records

Public Records - Sunshine Law Requests

Certain documents created and maintained by the City of Jefferson are available to the general public. The City of Jefferson uses an online system called NextRequest in order to process public records requests. NextRequest allows members of the public to create an account and log in to our portal to view your request, messages, and any documents that have been released. 

You can now submit your requests directly through a new, online web portal: NextRequest Public Records Request Portal - Make Request

Processing Public Records Requests

When you submit your first request through the portal, you will be prompted to set up an account. This will allow the City of Jefferson to more efficiently respond to and provide records to you through the NextRequest portal. You will be contacted by email through the Portal concerning whether or not the City is in possession of your requested documents and if they are subject to public disclosure.

If you have any problems using the Portal, you can reach out to NextRequest at There is also documentation about using the NextRequest Portal for requestors in the User Guide.
For general inquiries about Public Records Requests, please contact:

City Clerk
City of Jefferson
320 E. McCarty St.
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Common Questions

Do you "waive costs for records requested for the public interest?"

Is there a charge for paper copies requested?

Can I view the records without copying them for free?

Where can I view records?

Must my request for records be in writing?

Can't I just send my request directly to the department that has the record I want?

Does the City have to give me my records in three days according to the Sunshine Law?

Will the City create reports for me?

What if I need an "official" copy for some reason?

I forgot to ask for the records to be certified when I requested them. Can I just send them or bring them back to be certified?

Can I just print off part of the City Code from the city's web site to use in my court case or for other official purposes?