Special Tax Bills

Nuisance AbatementNEW!
All Nuisance Abatement Special Tax Bill files have now been scanned into digital format and made available to the public at this link of the City's website. The files are listed in alphabetical order by property owner's name. 

What are Special Tax Bills?
Chapter 21 of the City Code allows the City to "abate" or clean up and make safe any conditions of privately-owned property which pose a safety or environmental hazard to the public. Because the City spends taxpayer funds to have the work performed, the property owners are issued "Special Tax Bills" as liens against the properties. The Special Tax Bills remain in place until paid in full, with interest, and taxpayer funds reimbursed. The lien remains with the property, not the property owner, in the event it changes ownership.

Delinquent Bills
In accordance with Sec. 21-24 of the City Code, all delinquent liens (over 30 days old) are turned over to the Cole County Collector annually to be attached to the property tax bill. When attached, neither the property tax nor the lien, can be paid separately; both must be paid together, as a combined total.

Delinquent bills (over 30 days old) will have interest added to the total amount due. Any payments received that do not include interest will be returned as the City Clerk does not have authority to waive interest. Liens that have already been turned over to Cole County (see paragraph immediately above) must be paid to the Cole County Collector with the attached property tax bill. 

To inquire about a payoff of any Special Tax Bill(s) over 30 days old, please submit the form below which allows you to receive your response by email. If you are not sure the address is inside the City limits, please check our GIS website before submitting your inquiry. 

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